28th may と書いて my birthday と読む

Is that day again of the year~~

My birthday~ yay! Thanks to ulya for making me the cake!

24th this year, one more year to a quarter of decade. (>人<;)

This year my labmates gave treated me to some foods and a waterballoon. ごちそうさまでした. Though after that they made me teach them C++, but still~

And Ulya's present to me this year is....


Whats in the box is this...

A wallet! The old one actually beyond use, and i have been searching for a new wallet actually.

Theres also this band that gave a performance to me.... Sort of.

They are called "sona pocket". havent heard of them? The name might not be so familiar but their songs are quite famous.

Quoted from a friend of mine... Huhuhu

They are here at fukui daigaku because of the open university.

The malaysian students made these.....

Btw its racist to say that they look alike...


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