Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi part 7 ( spoiler and thought )

The story got interesting and a bit complicated here. Im sorry I couldnt make a better synopsis


Part 6

Alpha World

The 3 persons who stood in front of Kyon was perplexed as well. Kyon recognized one of them is the time traveller whos name he didnt know but was part of the Asahina (Michiru) kidnapping case. ( The story is in the Intrigues of Suzumiya Haruhi if Im not mistaken, dont quote me on this )

The second one was a familiar face. Kyon met with that girl thrice already. She was the kidnapper during the Asahina (Michiru) case and he also met her with Sasaki a while back. Only during that time with Sasaki, the third person was a creepy long hair alien. She isnt with them right now, that fine.

Whats not fine was.....

"Who are you?"

Kyon asked, and on the same time, that person asked the same question.

"Who are you?"

The final person standing in front of Kyon and Yasumi was none other than....


Another "Kyon", standing in front of him, with bewildering expression in his face.

Beta world

"Kyon" was in front of Kyon.

"Who are you?"

The "Kyon" in front of Kyon asked. Kyon began to think that the "Kyon" in front of him was his future self, but that wouldnt made any sense. As if the "Kyon" in front of him was his future self, then that reaction would be weird. His future self wouldve known that he would have met his past self, thus making a cynical remark like he did 3 years ago.

Same would go if the "Kyon" in front of him is his past self. He didnt have any recollection of seeing himself.

He then saw the look at the other "Kyon" face and realized that "Kyon" understood the same thing as he did.

Which mean, that this was not a time paradox, Its something else.

At the same time, both of the Kyon(s) look at the girl beside "Kyon". Who is that girl?

Kyon then later remembered about that girl that suddenly appeared in the clubroom leaving a flower behind her.

He then look at the desk and saw the same flower was on the top of the desk. Which meant that this clubroom wasnt completely different from the one he was from.

But that girl. Who is she? And do the other "Kyon" knew the answer?

Part 8