The World only god knows

" I can already see the ending!!" ( エンディングはすでに見えた!!)

That is a famous quotation from a new manga on Sunday jump entitled; 神のみぞ知る世界 ( The world only god knows ).

It`s a story about a guy who is really slick with girls. He managed to score a thousand of girls and is being called a god.

But well...The catch is, that`s all happening in his games.. He played and cleared a lot of dating simulation game and is really famous in the internet; people ask him for FAQs and stuffs. As most of gamers in real life are, he is just an otamegane ( Otaku + megane ) and his experience with girl is zero. Strangely though, his results are above average. Kinda remind me of someone I know. ^_^

So, one day a devil ( former job : the hell leaner )was sent to capture some evil spirits that resided at some girls hearts. The problem is, to expel the spirit from the girls` heart, one must first make the girl falls in love with themselves. That`s when the devil heard of the "god" that is really good with winning a girls` heart.

That misunderstanding starts the story.

In each few chapters, the protagonist will try to tackle a girl, each with a really unique personality only using . After the girl`s heart has been won by the protagonist ( right after their kiss ), the evil spirit will get out, and the demon will catch the evil spirit.

A great light reading. I especially like the librarian he is trying to tackle on chapter 13. Oh, be warn though, it`s quite shoujoish if you know what I mean...


My first photoshop work

As the title suggested, this is my first Photoshop work ever... It`s not thoroughly clean, I know, heck, it was my first time~ everyone screws up during their first, except well..... at certain things..

It took me 3 hours to clean the pix, getting the hang of the layers, debugging, etc. I was quite happy with the result ( Alert: Past tense ).. I posted this pix at my Deviant, or the manga community sites that I always hang out. Only after I posted this pix that I realized that this is not really good enough to be displayed. (-.-;)

Anyway, this beauty was taken from a manga titled Mixim 12 ( now named Mixim 11; because one of the stars disappears -- don`t ask why -- ), the creator of the ever famous Flame Of Recca and MAR ( Marchen Awaken Romance ).. Sorry, I`m not good at remembering Mangaka`s name..

Will I be making a Photoshop work again? Maybe. Although... If I were to do another one, registration or crack for the Photoshop will be necessary --it has passed the trial date-- (" ;) . huhuhuhu~
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