Confession - thought, spoiler

When to the convinient just now as late as 12am

And i saw this....

Rice flavored chips!!!??

On other note,

Watched Kokuhaku just now.


Seriusly i thought the story was boring before i watched it but only after watched it for 5 minutes i was pulled in.

A teacher who lost her daughter because of her students and plotted her revenge.

The student was then bullied.

The cameraworks, the dark sarcasm, the bgm...

Bloody sandwiches~

Student B killing the teacher'S daugther.

Student A killing the other cute student.

Dont worry he did not do anything r18 to that girl. He just killed her, cut her to pieces and put them into the fridge....only?

This is the part where he imagine what would happened if he bombed himself along with all the students.

Student B snapped

Explosive finale.

I can go on and on about how great the story was, but its not really a new story so you can get the dvd or... Legally download it?

The link for official website is HERE , they got novels, trailer, and everything. BTW, the Blu-Ray is out on January.

And this is where you can download the torrent for the movie. LINK IS HERE. Its torrent, not really legal, support the original because its a really great movie. And.... Thats not my link, Im just sharing it.

Oh, and the English sub cannot be loaded somehow, so I downloaded the sub from another place. Might work for you though. But just in case, here`s where I got the sub. ENG SUB LINK.

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