Saturday - 30/4 (2nd Day)

Done nothing


Why are you still reading this?

Oh well, maybe i did do something today. Urm~

I use the coffee filter i bought yesterday~

Watched some Anime, read some mangas. Laughed when i read the title of this manga is called "Kota tempat mu berada".

Glad that i learnt Japanese.

Reply some messages on my private mail at my youtube channel.

Listen to internet radio ( or here ). Watched Tron that I "legally" downloaded.

Played Homefront, downloaded the full free trial of Zen Pinball.

Cooked.... Something. Aside from the look, its really good if i to say so myself.

Just another day.

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Friday 28/4 : 1st day

Jengjalan bayo bil, pastu terserempak kedai caef.

Bukan typo, mmg kedai tu tules caef.

Jumpa calpis baru

Cam air livita campur air yogurt.

Pastu tunggu kain siap kering~


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Golden week

Golden week starts today.

Just cleared Crisis2

Now watching London Hearts


Playing Homefront right now. The intro is really gore. The movement is quite stiff but ythe combat is satisfying ( because i just played crisis 2 )

Ptg ni bayar bil. Yosh

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Korea heyheyhey sp

A feast for the korean otaku out there~ i just happened to record last night hey hey hey and it turned out to be kpop special

Starting with this group. 2pm


They went to korea and saw big bang's rehearsal for korea's music station

Tonight, japanese version 5/11

Kara relaxing before taking mister's MV

Ji yon ( pardon me if i mispell your name )



Kalo masuk Saser mesti die jadi dak jambu sesape, gile cute.


BTW, I recorded the part 2pm sang Japanese version for HEYHEYHEY on my youtube channel.
here you go

Give a shout out if you like K-POP and tell me why.


A day in research lab

Studying hard.

Been selected again as the cleaning gakari.

By Amadakuji

Takde la susah pun jd agen kebersihan, so xkesah la

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Sushi party~!

Tonight the first year student treated the whole fukui Malaysian student for a sushi dinner.

Not the all 100en one, its a sushi place call Atom sushi.

Everyone ate without worrying about the color of the plate.

The most expensive one is this, salmon ootoro. 600yen a plate. Really2 soft, its like youre eating cotton candy. This is the first time ive tasted it.

So like there 29 people, 5 tables and its like this per table. Btw this is how 15000yen worth of sushi looks like.

In the end, everything costed them for 71668 japanese yen, thats.... Errr, about rm 2500?

Thank you first year students. Hakim n nije kalo nak buku teks denki mintak la yer

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Gantz perfect answer : synopsis, spoilers, and thoughts ( Ver 2.0 )

On friday, the tv in japan aired Gantz ( the tv version ). It is kinda like a summarize version of the first installment. Anyway on the ending, the trailer for the sequel Gantz : Final answer is aired. Quoted : 明日公開 -aired tomorrow-

Using Torne, I recorded the whole thing and only watched it on saturday afternoon. "Yesterday's tomorrow is today, right?? " Hence i quickly scanned the channel, revealing nothing.

mane la plak die tayang ni.... Tak tayang kat Fukui ke....

It wasnt until later that i found out that for Gantz the Perfect Answer is a movie.

Hah! Lets go to the cinema la~ huhuhu.

The trailer for the movie can be found here on my youtube channel CLICK HERE FOR TRAILER
The poster at the cinema

So um, we watched it and it was great! I mean, i read the comic, know what mostly would happend and all but its still great. Plus, the ending is not like the manga version at all. ( Kinda like what they did with Death note )

Spoiler Synopsis Thought

Spoiler warning though.

It started with a quick recap for the first movie next come the spiderman like intro. ( tell me where can i get those suits~! ) The story starts 5 months after the first

What comes next is well... The reason they pg-12ed the movie. Maaa, to put it simply, its kinda like the kishimoto scene from the first movie. Only its not her, ( she died covering for katou, remember) its well, someone elses. Its Eriko, a celebrity. ( And btw, Natsuna or Kishimoto only appeared in the deceased list and the last part only in this movie)

Eriko - by Ayumi Ito

That celebrity got a box in her postbox, containing..... Gantz junior. Thats what I called it, its a small version of Gantz. And just like the big Gantz, it gives mission to her. To eliminate some people. Living people, not aliens.

Eriko freaked by Gantz Junior.

The story changed place and focus on Katou's brother whos currently in Kurono's care. The story also shines some light on Kurono Kei and Kojima Tae`s relationship. Kurono tells Kojima to keep Katous` brother company while Katou was away because of work.

Yuriko Yoshitaka - Kojima Tae

After that he was summoned for a mission, and at the end, Kurono got a total of 94 points, just a mission away to revive Katou. ( The old guy that was in charge of micheal in Denka Wanko too got quite a score too, despite him being extremely useless )

Happy that his long mission to revive his childhood friend almost over, he invited Kojima for a date at a theme park on the weekend. Kojima blushed, reluctant at first but she agreed under the condition that Kurono calls her by her name; Tae. Kurono was embarrassed saying that its too sudden, but he promised to call her by her name the next time they meet ; at the theme park.

Later that day when Kurono is about to enter his house, he saw someone at his doorstep.


Suprised, Kurono was cautios and asked some questions but Katou was quite out if it. Katou left him after asking whether Kurono knows about Gantz Jr.

Katou then later went back to his house. Inside were his brother and Kojima, but Kojima left shortly afterwards, leaving Katou with his brother.

Back at the room, Kei looks into the deceased list only to find Katous face is still there. So who the heck is the person in front of his doorstep just now?

Badass Katou

Leaving the question unsolved, they went to their mission. To kill the aliens.

But something gone terribly wrong.

They were transfered to a subway. The only different from any other mission is one thing.

The other civilians were there too. Before you start asking, yes, the passengers all awed by team Gantz outfit and start taking pictures.

Owh, And remember Eriko who got the Gantz Jr? Her final assignment is to kill Kojima Tae.

So the aliens, Eriko, Kojima, Gantz team amongst with many passengers were currently aboard that train.

Hell unleashed.

The alien started to kill the passengers while the gantz team tried to stop them.

The battle was really dramatic as team gantz strained themselves from using gun, afraid of harming the bystanders ( who to me are already died by the hands of the aliens, so just use the guns la~! ). There is this one part when Kurono got tossed out of the window, and during that split second he saw Kojima and start chasing back the train.

"Kurono... Where did you get that suit?"

Next, Kojima almost died by alien, Kurono saved Kojima, Kojima was shocked, train cut in half, certain new people from the gantz team saying that their memory was back, bad guy die, certain -whoissheagain good guy died too. Typical stuffs.

Though seriously, the visual here is amazing, but come on, you dont expect me to write "swiish~ he dodge, and kicked the alien in the head but he regenerated" right?

After the gantz team was transfered back to the room the spotlight shines on Eriko who failed at taking the advantage to kill Kojima during the commotion. She met with Katou, and well, Katou killed her point blank and took the Gantz Jr. He looked at the sphere displaying the next target is Kojima Tae and the camera moved somewhere else.

Meanwhile at the room, The old guy got 100 marks, and decided to revive Katou ( the one on the deceased list ). Turns out to be, the Katou earlier was an alien. ( Who doesnt see this one coming should have watched a lot of movies or read a lot of books )

Kurono got 100 marks too, but since Kato has been revived already he decided to revive.....

(the tennis no ojisama guy or the student council in Yankee to Megane ( What do you expect? Natsuna? Me too actually, but I have read the manga to know this wouldve happened ))

Thats when the Eriko who was killed earlier transfered to the room.

Turns out to be, all the new members are actually the former member of gantz team. They got 100 marks somewhen back and decided to be free. Something grave was going on that Gantz had to call back the OBs.

And that came next.

Despite just finished a mission, another mission came. The gantz team had to eliminate this one target, and whoever did it got 100 points, and the target is....

Kojima Tae ( Nope, not the fake Katou )
Name: Kojima Tae , Specialty : Weak , Favourite Thing : Kurono-kun

Kurono was furious and begged the others not to kill her because she is not an alien, she is just a human. The team was divided. Kurono demanded a head start and asked Gantz to transfer him first. That it did.
"I knew I shouldve revive the hot chick instead!"

The original Katou went back to his house to check on his brother. Nope, he didnt help Kurono defending Tae, nope nope. He went home only to see a destroyed cake and a cold body of his dead brother.

Kurono was transfered first, to his home. Luckily Kojima was just outside. They started running from fake Katou in a spiderman and twilight like style, climbing up the wall, jumping trough the roof, while fake Katou jump fly.

The chase took quite a while but they eventually lost him. Only to meet with the gantz team. Out of the pan and into the fire, the gantz team especially Nishi pointed their gun at Kojima and Kurono. ( If he had revived Natsuna earlier, he wouldve had another ally, too bad he revived the mid boss instead, too bad he cant reload at that checkpoint )

The team was divided again, some goodguywhonobodybotherswhoheis stayed to buy Kurono some time to run. He then got killed by Nishi, too bad though.

The running Kurono met with the fake Katou, again. Only this this time, the old guy is with him so Kurono told him to take her somewhere safe. It was during that time Kurono called Kojima by her name, Tae, and said,

"後で迎えに行くから --I`ll pick you up later--"

ooooh no.....

"一緒に遊園地に行こうな。。 --And then we will go to the theme park together--"

( 死亡フラグ立った!yup, he just had to say that didnt he... He do realize that most of the character that said that died afterwards right? )

The long climax fight began. In the middle Katou came to help too, so its a handicap match. But still, they ended up losing.

It was during the time when Katou was killed by the fake Katou that Kojima came ( with Nishi chasing her at her back ). She ran to Kurono only to be killed by the fake Katou in the middle.

"Kurono, remember to feed my cat...Wait, I dont have a cat..."

Oh, Nishi was killed (again)too. but meh~ who cares.

With the target died, the gantz team was transfered back. Everything is over.


Gantz displayed that there is an alien amongst the team and instructed them to kill him. Well, the alien disguised himself as Nishi and managed to infiltrate and pinpoint the room. Fake Nishi brought his comrades and the fight in the room is on.

Final Showdown


Lastly, all died except for the main character Kurono and the assistant main character Katou, but not without a price; the room was obliterated. Kurono managed to get full marks once again for killing the fake Nishi. The 100marks menu is displayed once again. Kurono said something and in respond Gantz said,

"Thank you, Kurono"

Katou holding the barely alive Kurono was transfered back to his home.

Next morning, everything was back like the way it was. EVERYTHING.

Although their memory was altered ( they dont remember anything about Gantz) but Natsuna was still alive, Katou`s brother was still alive, even Kojima was still alive. All except one man, Kurono.

The movie ended with Kojima going to the theme park because she found a ticket on her sketch book, but she didnt remember how or from whom she get it. On her sketchbook there is a small writing telling her to draw the Ferris Wheel on that page. When she look at the Ferris Wheel, the LED signs read,

”タエちゃん、すきです。くろのけい --Taechan, I love you. Kurono Kei--”

Finally as if she remembered something, she watched the subway go as she slowly set to tears.

Just before the credit, the camera shows the Gantz.. containing Kurono inside. And the ball the displayed,

"みんなさん、どうかお幸せに --Everyone, take care--”

In the end, Kurono decided to end it all by becoming Gantz himself thus reseting everything, I think, dont really get it actually.


Great movie from a great manga. Go watched it yourself, Im not such good story teller anyway.

After watching the movie, I kinda felt like reading the manga all over again. Maybe not, but heck. Its already licensed but heres a preview of the manga.

Link of the manga --> Gantz`s Manga

Great movie, great story. The international release is going to be in September I think. Dont quote me on this.


Baru lepas tgk gantz versi TV nyer tadi ( rekod mlm smlm ). Rase membuak2 utk tgk sequel mlm ni.

Gantz perfect answer

Will be updating bout those later


Dunno what to play

yakuza 4

Fps yaritai, suzumiya haruhi tsuisou ga yaritai

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Test tulis pakai iphone

kenkyushitsu aku ngan liza

saje je try post

Xdpt nak post hyperlink kana~

Patsu yg bawah ni cam leceh gak nak padam tiap2 kali

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testing lagi

Aku ade blog rupenyer

Nak tulis ape yek?

Rasenyer nak tulis bende2 yang pendek2 je la tetiap hari.

Hari ni tadi gi makan ngan dak2 jepun. Dok sebelah cikgu, so terpaksa layan karenah cikgu. Bende2 yang derang bawak byk yang takle makan, remind me to tell them I cannot eat meat . But quite fun la.

Plus Hirose sensei agak OK gak kot?



I hope Ill not regret saying that.