It`s Aki


  • Not so cold, and not so warm; a comforting season.

  • Wither leaves, making a mess yet very comforting; a messy season.

  • The season of food, a lot of fruits can be harvested; a productive season

  • The season that comes after hot burning summer; a season of salvation.

  • The season the ends with the joyful winter; a triumph season.

  • The season when the sports day are make; a joyful season.

  • The season of exams; a brilliant season.

yappa, Aki tte ii naa~~


Riddles! sono 2

in any case, I got this from a game that i played, very sophisticated.

It goes like this;

1 )

Ten candles stand burning in a dining room. A strong breeze blows in through an open window and extinguishes two of them. Checking back in on the candles later, you see that one more candle has gone out. To make sure no more flames goes out, you shut the window. Assuming the wind doesn`t extinguish any more candles, how many candles do you have left in the end?

hint: it wont be a puzzle if there wasn`t a trick in this one.

hint(2) : most of you will probably and has answer(ed) 10, heck, I also answered 10 at first , but what will happen to candles in the end? # the biggest hint ever #


5 suspects are in questioning. They give the following statement;
A: "One of the 5 of us is lying"
B: "Two of the 5 of us is lying "
C: "I know these guys, and three of the 5 of us are lying"
D: "Don`t listen to a word they said. Out of the 5 of us, four of us are lying"
E: "All five of us are dirty rotten liar!"

Only those who tell the truth will be release. How many people should they let go, and who are they?

Hint: When you have eliminated the impossibles, whatever remain, however improbable, is the truth.


1) 3 , 3 candles has been blown out by the wind, 7 were left. At the end, all the 7 candles will burnt out, leaving only 3 unlitted candles .

2) Only one will get out, and it`s D. every suspect accused a different number of people. If anyone was telling the truth, it had to be one suspect, no more no less.



Boys idea of home decorating

Ok~~~ the first thing that probably came across your mind is " What the heck is that???".. Well, that`s an Ubi. In japanese it`s called a setsumaimo.

Anyway, that thing has been in the kitchen for days and like... " hey~ cam hebat je bende ni~ lawa giler~~ " huhuhuhu....

It`s not mine, but if it is I`d call it Setsuna E seiei or Secchan. :)) And then there will be a communication like these...

" Have you seen Secchan today? She is getting big~~ "

" Secchan look so beautiful today~ "

huhuhuhuh..... Well~~ what the meaning of this ridiculous post?

I`m just bored...... There are a lot of things to do, yet nothing to be done. Guess I will take an early dive to the bed tonight.


From the creator of The Bug`s Life comes... CARS

Anyway, a lot of people wanted to look at "my" ( its not practically mine, we; and by we I mean Azie, Niza, Tiqa, Ulya, and I, shared money to buy it, so it`s really ours, rather than mine ) car that I used here in Japan, well that is it. Kinda like Malaysian Kenari rite~? told ya~

I would probably be needing another car ( as now I am living in a dorm ) in 2 years time, so I`ll probably buy another car ( by my own, and use AP to bring it back to Malaysia, maybe )

Since I don`t know the specification of the car, and I highly doubt anyone I know would actually care, this would be all for this post.

It`s getting colder, so be careful not to catch a cold~

( One thing has come to my intention, FYI Azie is a guy.... )

Makan untuk hidup, bukan hidup untuk makan

You are what you eat. So if one were to eat cucur Badak will he become strong like Badak? or better still, we he become a Badak? Interesting indeed. Lets take a look at my weekend menu here in Japan...

For the most important meal of day~

Some cucur Udang with ikan bilis, the PSP can`t be eaten

Am I a morning person? No. I`m a nocturne. Why would a nocturne be making a breakfast at 8 am in the morning? There`s a story for that. And that time it involve me, Azie, Wilson, a car, and the need for someone to send someother guys early in the morning somewhere. So no, I don`t usually eat breakfast. I often go for brunch or a 2pm breakfast.

Next, for lunch.
Udon, chikuwa, shrimp, with ice cream and creampuff as dessert

Udon is the cheapest yet literally mouth watering meal you can get in Japan hands down. The ice cream is from Baskin Robin, and the Udon is from Hanamaru. The names where you definately know once you got here. Udon tastes like..... well... Mee. Just for the record, I didn`t eat both of the Udon, the larger one is mine, the smaller one is Ulya`s.

Last but never the least, for dinner.
Ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang, and nasik himpit. With kuih raya as a dessert ^_^

Aaaahhh~ nothing can go wrong with Malaysian cooking. Just for the record, these are all instant or ready made stuff. So takde la aku tere masak sgt~ :P Maybe one of these days I`ll post the pic of what I cooked. herm herm. Oh, anyway, the I helped making the blue tupperwared kuih raya~ heheheh~ ( most of the work was done by my sis though )

So~! Are we what we eat? cause if we are, then at the end of the day I`ll become a shrimp swimming in kuah kacang~ :)) later dude~


A quiet night in Nagaoka

It was Wednesday evening when a sudden urge came to everyone. " hey~ lets go out~"
Oh, I forgot to mention, I got my international driving license when I got back to Malaysia, and now I can drive anywhere I wanted to! yay me! hehehe...

Anyhow~ the 5 of us, Botch, Duan, Muazam, Ulya, and me decided to take a stroll, going to the station, etc.

First stop; Sushi~

The all time favourite, black pepper salmon and mayonnaise crab

Ok, we went to Joushin before that and Ulya got herself a hand held vacuum cleaner~ remind me to borrow that thing from her to vacuum my room... And after that we bought an ice cream from Baskin Robin and only then we go to the Genki Sushi.

Duan was fasting during that day, plus we all like sushi. so why not~ and as for respond towrds the question " ko lak dah pose 6 bape hari dah?", the answer would be " errrr....... " ^_^""

After a 1100yen of Sushi ( each ), we decided went to the station. Why? something about Botch wanted to buy a pen. Why don`t just buy it at the near convenient store? He said they don`t look very nice. Though the reason was ridiculously dumb, we still enjoyed our time at the station.
Hayate no Gotoku number 17 is supposed to be out in October, but it is still not there though. I`ll check it next week again. While the others are looking for their stuffs, I went to the other stores with Ulya.

It was during that time I saw this....
A Baju Melayu with Sampin for sale!!! ( the red shirt at the back )

I didn`t check it up close though, but hey, there`s a photographic proof right here! All hail baju melayu! All hail hari raya! hahahahah~

And the night ends...

BTW, I forgot to tell you guys in the last post.

  • New season of Heroes, How I meet you mother, Prison Break are out.
Until next time!


What is happenning to me ( Oct )

I got on the plane from Malaysia for my summer vacation on Saturday precisely on 8 pm. Guess what time I got here in my room in Nagaoka?

8pm Sunday... I have already skipped 3 days of classes ( and 1 pop exam which a sensei sesukehatije kate nak buat ) so takle la skip one more day rite~ Note to self, Jetlag is a formidable foe, level up like mad before trying to fight against it...

Oh, Selamat hari raya to all of you and Selamat hari jadi to Din ( 3 days passed already though )

What`s new.... Let me list them up....

  • It`s my 4th Sem here in Japan. more work, more experiments, more report, less sleep

  • GUNDAM 00 second season is here. Code Geass ended beautifully!!

  • My room is a mess with kuih raya. ok....Maybe my room is a mess is not a new thing, but having it filled wth Kuih Raya definitely is! ^_^""
Kuih raya and maggi

  • I am playing Everybody`s golf 2. good game

I even Got a hole in One ( though by pure luck... )

oh, I`ll tell you the tale of a beautiful world in my next post hopefully. till then~