Brilliant!!!....was it?

Here is a story when I was bedridden. Why I was bedridden? look at 2 posts before this. note to self : Yes the snow is nice, but the coldness is devastating. Never play winter sports for 3 days straight!
Long story short, I was bedridden because of a not-so-high-but-through-the-one-who-have-it-I-felt-like-dying fever. And when you have a fever the most logical, or things that people often tell you are:
  • eat your medicine ( " makan panadol!" )
  • rest ( "gi tido awal gih~" )
  • go and see the doctor ( "jumpe doktor belum??" )
  • drink lots of water ( "minum air byk2~ biar terkencing byk2 takpe~" )
  • take a cold shower ( ".....cam ade doktor cakap dulu" )

however~ in certain circurmstances ( like going to see the doctor is seriously mendoukusei here in japan, or if you don`t attend class you`ll be deduct 2 marks -- just happens to be the subject where I always barely pass ) your options lessen.

Being a bright student ( ehem ) b4 I felt asleep ( at 6 in the evening; btw Isyak starts at 5pm ), I bought 2 waters, a can of calpis and a bottle mineral water from the vending machine. Reason?

  • I like calpis

  • Tab water here in Japan is drinkable, but buying your drinks seems... dunno, responsible?

  • they only cost 200yen

Figured that I have figured everything out I finished my can of calpis and sleep; the bottle of mineral water aside me.

A sample of Calpis ( bit different design tho )

Later that night, at 3 am. I woke up, what happen during that time can be told with this conversation:

Angry throat : Dude~ I`m thirsty!! Water dude!!!

Me: Relaxs~ relaxs~ I know you`ll be screaming like that~ I prepared something for you~

Throat ( now relieve ) : Really??? thanks dude! you`re the best!! Where is it??

Me: jya jya! A bottle of mineral water!

Throat ( jumping with joy ) : Yeay!

10 seconds later...

Throat ( tired of waiting ) : Dude, what`s taking so long...?


Throat : you can`t open the lid right?

Me: sorry~

During that time I imagine what would I do if I were to stuck in a situation like this :

  • Ask Calvin to open it for me -- to far of a room
  • Ask Ulya to open it for me -- reason above excpet it is not room, it is block now
  • Ask Shah to open it -- snoring
  • give up -- too thirsty
  • Use towel or blanket -- done that
  • Use another part of my body that still have energy left

Thus, I came up with a solution to use the strongest bone in my body; the teeth~ Which amazingly works~ ( side note : use your back teeth, the front one is just going to frust you more )

This story teaches us that no matter how far you think ahead, there might still be a hole in your planning, improvise ( Learn from PRISON BREAK ). Or in this case, open the bottle before you go to bed.

( oh, aku perasan bile aku cam sakit, aku rajin bercakap ( same ngan bile aku ngantok ), mintak maap ye sumer~ )

p/s : When I have a high fever I often halucinate things: Amongst the hallucinations (that I remembers ) goes like these:

  • tadika to elementary : A giant pendulum of thread that slowly accumulates and keeps getting big is swinging above me
  • elementary to certain point of age : A lot of ducks swarming up in the air, and I have to catch all of them... So many ducks....
  • just yesterday : The more I sleep or the way I hold my blanket will effect my spaceship, I have to fight all the enemies, but I dont remember desperately destroying them, perhaps I played it tactically. And after I woke up, still half-asleep, I remember that I need and upgrade! ( which seemingly useable in real life ) I don`t know why, but I always go will the Increases HP one.

hurm~ is it just me or my halucination becoming more like a game?

Sorry Ibu, Ayah, time angah demam kecik2 dulu kejutkan ibu ayah tgh2 mlm, tido same2 pun kate " ade bola besar! ade bola besar! tuu.. tuu!! " huhuhuhuhu~~~ untungnyer korang yang belajar kat Msia bleh berulang alik ke rumah~ kat sini demam camnepun kene jage diri sendiri tau~ terima kasih la kat mak ayah korang yang kerje dari 8 ke 8 tambah lagi 8 jam untuk jage korang~


Anonymous said...

alalala...sedey je bunyik..tu la..sape suruh blaja kat jepun..ngeh3..

Anonymous said...

Ilek ah bro. Aku gitu gak.

myself said...

moral of the story
-klu demam,ltk air kat sblh katil n air yg sng dibuka ye??xpn ltk jelaa air dlm gelas....huhu

btw..klu blaja kat msia pn....klu duk umah len citelaa..klu duk kat hostel jauh dr umah mcm same je dgn situasi ko...bezanye leh blk umah ble time cuti...hihihii

get well soon~~
n jgnla jangkitkn demam ko kat awek ko..cian die...huhu

Unknown said...

Ned-> ceeee, die cakap cam die dok hostel jauh jer~~~ aku refer kat ngko ngan puteri benarnyer bile aku kate berulang tuh~ :P heheh~ thanks! dah sehat dah pun, agak ar~~

Amir-> Iyee?? cepatnyer ko demam, rase cam baru je ko gi UK... Demam sebab rindu kot~

Anonymous -> cam tau je sape yg akan bagi komen camni..... huhuhuhu

'Atiqah Jasni said...

idea bijak dari aki..
lepas ni kalau demam minum calpis..^_^

Cieri said...

lergh...teruk jugak ko demam eh?aku ingat kan besa2 nyer demam atau sama tahap ngan demam aku...(maa...last year aku bedridden jugak.remember that time?yang aku demam before final 3nen tu)
makan vitamin C banyak2 lor.aku tengah top up vitamin C aku.(selsema xbaik2 lagi)
but hey..aku main snowboard 5 hari xdemam pun.aku demam sebab g USJ and tidor kat tepi jalan tgh2 fuyu <-sila gelakkan kebangangan aku
well....this entry mmg ko la aku boleh ckp.
owh.btw,aku pun ada hallucination jgak.which for me,it is the same one since I was a kid.kinda space ship thing nak langgar aku sort aku monster thing. =P