Gintama the movie. Yozoruya, eien ni nare. Synopsis and thoughts

So... Here it is. The final movie of gintama. Ive always been a fan of the series, and now after the latest season (on which the last ep is pretty much a filler), the movie is aired.


Gintama is actually famous for its "This is the last episode!" scam so Im not suprise if it actuallly made its comeback. Heck, the directors and the casts said the same thing.


Nyway, assuming the movie is pretty much NEVER going to be aired in country other than Japan. And sad to say, most of us will probably watch it out of the internet due to the unreasonable pricing of importing the dvd from japan. So here it is, the synopsis of the movie. Needless to say, if youre going to watch it for yourself, push the self destruct button or the X button (Sidenote: Im handling a side bussiness until March 2014 where I buy the thing that you want from Japan but the store doesnt handle oversea shipping for s small fee. Its called From Japan To You , click to see the website)

Ok..... Where do I start.... In Japan, before airing a movie, there are the commercials, and then the No Video Taping Our Movie thing where there is this video camera headed guy being apprehanded by the police. Why do I need to say this? Because this is actually already part of the movie.


Lets rewind a bit. Bear with me here.


Ok, there are commercials. Madoka magica CM, tiger bunny CM, ano hana CM, etc etc. Am I going to watch them too? Probably, but now its not the time for that.


After the CMs, theres the No video tape thing. After that, theres another of the same thing, only in appleseed like anime, a serius one. After that, theres yet another No video taping. again. In anime, just with a much more soft touch. As I started cursing and started thinking "WTH take them so long!" there it was. When the video camera guy was doing his thing, a paperfold hit his head.

"Stop it!!"

Gintoki smacked the head of the video camera guy, shouted at him and took him out of the cinema.


"You are here during the Benizakura time too right??"

"why are you doing this? You are making your parent sad"

"Sorry audiences, Im going to teach him a lesson"

Ginsan scolded him and the video cam guy just nod.


Turned out to be yozoruya is taking a job as a cinema attendance. After smacking the video cam guy a few time, Gintoki found out that the video cam guy actually came to Edo to be a director or something (dont remember, but its somewhere along that line), but he didnt get the skill or something so he decided to venture in movie piracy instead. Gintoki persuaded him to not give up on his dream but something happended.


His video cam was broken because Gintoki smacked him too many times.


"Ohh.... Sorry. Wanna go to big camera(a big electronic store in Japan) after this?" In which the videocam guy reply with a headshake.


As the guy walk away the scene changed.


Another No video taping thing! Only this time, there was the videocam guy and Gintoki holding a video camera.


" Why do you ended up video taping!!?" Kagura and Shinpachi said while flying kicking both of them. I was laughing so hard at that moment, Gintama sure is funny~ I thought.


After that Shinopachi told Ginsan to take the job they are doing as yozoruya. Showing they even got a set of limited film (that combines into a really weird SM pic).


Back to the video guy. Seems like the guy got something in store inside his tape. An AV more of that. Ginsan, being a gentlemen he is, offer to check the content of the video in the toilet.


That is when it happened. He time slipped.


(To be continued)

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