Summer highlight ( editted )

5 + 1 = one bigger merrier family

One of the highlights and the utmost important I suppose, is the fact that my sister got married. Im really really sorry for those who are not invited, but I got back here in Malaysia just a few days before the big day and I lost my numbers due to the fact that my phone changed too.

Anyway I got myself a new bro, Azfar is his name.

the latest family pic

On the 2d world, Clanned : AS, Gundam 00, Toradora is finished. ( to date, theres one episode left )

these are what I thought about the story ( spoiler alert )

Clanned : very very touching story, yet in the same time funny and highly entertaining. Its a heart warming story of family and love, and yes it was delivered beautifully.

Until the last episode.

in the middle, the wife died, aaaa~. 2nd last episode, the daughter died, aaaa~~. Last episode, they didnt actually died,it was just a dream, aaaaa??????? ( same word, different intonation )

-- of course people like a happy ending, but chasing all that off and saying that a dream is just low. Deserve a call to the principal office. --
editted: btol2 last nyer episode baru la agak paham, bukan mimpi gak ar. Cam negai die kanaeta mitai. Die patah balik masa till wife die tak mati laie, macam mimpi, kononnyer. So mmg agak best ar citer nih.

love the town where you live, thats the bottom line of this story

Toradora : the ending is quite abrupt, but OK la~~ interesting enough for a love comedy.

-- I wanted Minorin ending, but thats just me. BTW the PSP game is due to this month or the next. And this goes without saying, japanese only --

gundam 00 : A high profile, great plot building, poor ending.... I mean, asal lak tetibe je!!? harap2 the last episode manage to save the story. editted : last epidsode was like huh?

-- Gundam kali ni tak byk watak utama mati ar... --

All these crappy endings really makes you think back of CODE GEASS...

Well, thats summer for you. Spring is next!

Suzumiya haruhi no shoumetsu ( the light novel for this part is amazing, a must watch )

FMA ( a rerun on primetime? I dont know )

Hayate no gotoku ( the butler is back )

quote for the day : talk is cheap, the supply is always greater than demands.

editted : contrary to the title, it's not summer --though malaysia is always summer--. tersilap tulis la~~~ huhuhuhuh.. b4 this balik summer, kali ni je balik time spring break. ter~


Cieri said...

isnt it spring>summer>autumn>winter>spring....nye cycle....?

er...toradora dah abes k?k ada 1 epi lg??

congrate tuk kakak ko~
next will be your turn right~

'Atiqah Jasni said...

summer highlight??
bunga sakura pun tak kembang lagi dah nak musim panas ke??

syaza said...

mak ak sehaat?~

Unknown said...

minna~! tsukonde kurete arigatou~!!

tte iu ka, syaza, aku tatau ar mak ko sehat ke tak.