5th day - Flowers ( not the psn game )

Went to Toyama!!

2 hours drive from Fukui, brought a pregnant women along so stop for a while in the middle.

At Fudoji stop~

Brooom~ vrooom~

Finally got to the tulip place. Searched and searched for parking and found them at last~!

But since we are already hungry....

Firstly, its time for bonet buffet~!

Thanks to those who cooked!

The buffet up close~

Yum yum~

With our stomach full we went to the Tulip park.

The ticket. Bought them at Lawson because we figured that the ticket place would be congested. Not really though.

The park is filled with flowers.....

Intro of darkness and Redness and whiteness!! ( to those who didnt know this reference, look here , this guy is hilarious )

Oh, the park is filled with people too..

Bah~~~That guy from heavy rain couldve died you know.

But the place is really nice, they got watermills~

Sea flavored, prawn flavored, lemon flavored, tulip flavored ice cream etc. The lemon was quite nice, but i was tempted to bought the sea flavored one.

I mean, this is not kingdom hearts, how absurd is sea flavored ice cream?

Lake with floating flowers~ kinda like what lelouch did to Euffie.

And.... There is this. No comment here.

Theres even the japanese relaxing spot.

Got tired of that after 2 hours, still too early to eat dinner, thus we decided to go here...

Bought this for Iman~


Finally we managed to get to the place where many people said is good.

But come on, the place looks like dumpyard. Fire your exterior designer guys.

Anyway their butter masala chixken taste like chezzle. Seriously.

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