The modern culture influence in Japan education

Lol, the title seems like its a journal or paper or something...

Anyway, here are some reference books that uses manga or anime.

This actually the english & japanese version of the first light novel. It highlights the words that deem hard for most people. The English is great, but i personally think that the fan ( i.e bakatsuki is more entertaining ) dont quote me on this, i just look at a few pages fow a few seconds only.

This is a Chemistry reference book. The contents is actaually very interesting and informative. Kinda wish they had these when i was studying chemistry.

Aside, there are also Suzuka ( now famous with The town where you live ) manga characters that made into textbooks cover.

Owh, ill be having japanese proficiency test end of this week. Will update on Astonishment later around this week. I hope.

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Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi part 5 ( spoiler and thought )

Part 4 ( the part before this one )

Alpha World

Kyon found a letter in his shoebox. The sender was not Asahina ( big ) nor the revived ( though still in "Canada" ) Asakura.

Its from Yasumi.

The letter tells Kyon to meet her at the clubroom later that evening at 6.

Yasumi real identity was still shrouded in mystery. Kyon asked Haruhi methaphorically;

"I have this question that i dont know how to solve"

"Oho~~ about your study?"

"Something like that"

"If its something researchable, then just research it then"

"There are no materials about it"

"Hurm~~ Math? Then you need to know how to solve the question first. What theorem did it use?"

"Not math. To add, I dont need to know how, I just need to know the answer."

" What are you elementary student? Theres no point of studying in that"

"Its OK. I just need to understand the thought of the one asking the question."

"Oh~ History is it? Just imagine what the author wrote during the period, something like that right?"

"Close enough"

"Such a boring question. The real answer; like novels etc is only known by the author and no one else. In the end there`s no real answer to that."

"In my case, the one giving the question is actually the author actually"

"Then that would be much easier"


"Just ask the one whos asking"

haruhi & Kyon -p83/84

Hearing Haruhi answer, Kyon realized that instead of thinking what the answer wouldve been, its much more easier to ask those who know.

Hence, he went to search for Yasumi during afternoon break.

But she was nowhere to be found at the 1st year floor.

Thus, he decided to check the clubroom, only to find Nagato, alone.



"Who`s that girl"


"`nobody` is quite harsh isnt it? Watahashi Yasumi is a normal student isnt she?"

"Student with such name doesnt exist in this school"

Doesnt exist?

"Oh, a fake name? So someone become Kitakou student and infiltrate after school, is that it?"

"That assumption is correct"

Haa~~~~ So next is to figure out who is she exactly...



"Time traveller?"


"Esper.... I dont think so"

"Yes, that incorrect. And she`s also not someone from another world. I cant say anything for the time being. I decided that it is for the best"

Then Kyon showed her the letter he got.

"Its OK to go"


"She meant no harm. Rather, I interpret that she is thinking to help you."

-Kyon & Nagato (p89-92)

After school, SOS brigade assembled at the clubroom. Yasumi told Haruhi and Asahina that she had an urgent business and couldnt come today. She left a flower to Asahina to decorate the clubroom. The flower intrigued Koizumi interest. He even took some pictures and sent them somewhere.

Later, they all went home, not wanting anyone to be suspicious, Kyon went back together with the others. On the middle of the way....

" Sorry, I left something at the class, I`ll go back to fetch it"

in which Haruhi responded

" Huh? You dont even took home your textbooks, no need to bother then"

Kyon, desperate to convince Haruhi.


"Taniguchi gave me an ero book, and I left it in my desk."


"I couldnt posibbly let anyone see that. Its a REALLY REALLY ero book"

Haruhi made a shocked face. Koizumi smirked. Asahina looked mad. And nagato nodded a few mili. Kyon felt like he shouldve made another excuse instead.

When he dashed back, Haruhi scold from afar

"Baka Kyon!! Dont talk about ero book in from of innocent girls!!"

Innocent girl? Who is she referring to? Owh~ Ill just apologize to Asahina tomorrow.


At the clubroom Yasumi is already there.

"What will happen next?"

"I dont know myself. But we will find out soon enough"

Not long after that, someone knocked the clubroom door


Beta World

The day finally arrived.

Kyon, Sasaki, Fujihara and Ryoushi met up and then took a taxi. Kuyou wasnt there, Ryoushi told Kyon that she`d be there. And by "there", their destination is....


In the taxi, Kyon and Sasaki asked alot of question about their motives. Fujihara seemed like he wanted to change the future. Kyon said that Asahina once told him that that is futile, and Fujihara was pissed.

After all 4 of them arrived at Kitakou, something strange happended.

Sasaki disappeared and the scenery changed. They`ve entered another dimension, the same one like the "dream" he and Haruhi had. Only Kyon figured that this dimension belong to Sasaki`s actually.

Thinking it might be a trap. Kyon tired to get out, but just like the time with Haruhi, and invisible wall prevented that.

Having no choice, Kyon just folowed them, to a place where he`s most familiar with.

The clubroom.

Part 6
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Astonishment of suzumiya haruhi part 4 - Spoiler and Thought



Alpha world is funny, beta world is quite dark, i felt like reading just the alpha world......... (ーー;)

But perhaps these worlds will collide later in the story. So ill just read them normally.

Anyway, the start of the second book!

Alpha world:

This part really starts when the class was over. All SOS club members assembled.

Of course, "All" here means the new member was there too.

The kohai was pictures as someone energetic, and most of her line repeats and got exclaimination mark.. i.e

"hait! Tea, ill pour the tea! Ill distribute them! Asahina senpai, im inexperienced so please teach me the way! Please, please."


"And then, i want to wear maid custome! Aa, nurse too! Let me, ill do it. Please please please."

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ <- kinda like this?

Oh well, anyway, Yasumi was told to learn anything theres to know. Hence, the first thing was the tea.

After she gave the teas, Haruhi asked Yasumi to make the SOS homepage looks better.

Yasumi is quite familiar with computer. Or at least she knows what she was doing.

While Yasumi was fixing the homepage, kyon suggested to Koizumi that instead of playing chinese chess ( that Koizumi brought and played a match), they should play catch ball for a change.

Thus they left the clubroom and played catch ball. Koizumi wondered why suddenly Kyon asked to play catch ball. However he felt that he have to play catch ball; like a fixed event.Kyon asked how Koizumi felt about Yasumi, and why the new charachters havent bothered them yet.

Thats when suddenly a paperplane landed at Kyon. Written OPEN on top.


The plane came from the club room, there stood the lively kohai signaling to Kyon.

"To be able to open the hidden and encrypted Mikuru folder, Yasumi must be really good with computers..." -kyon

When Koizumi and Kyon went back to the clubroom, the website was done, and it was splendid. It even had Day Of Sagiterus 5 on it. Kyon was impressed.

Although Yasumi was nowhere to be seen, seemed like she had something to do and had to leave early.

The presense of the highly useful new member really lighten up the mood.

Mikuru thinks that the kohai is cute and really well mannered. Yasumi too managed to get closed with Nagato. How? She asked Nagato to lend her some books.

Not long after that, they went back.

Someone was at Kyon home, not Sasaki, but Yasumi.

Yasumi went back early to go to Kyon home.

However she only came to play. Nothing important was discussed.

After Yasumi when home, kyon sister asked who is Yasumi.

"I was wondering that myself" -kyon


Beta world

Haruhi once again felt something is gravely wrong with Nagato. She felt that something big was going to happen. She even asked Kyon`s opinion wether they should just hospitalized Nagato.

In which Kyon responded no. Its not like hospital can be any of help to celestial being anyway.

They were both worried about Nagato in their own way.

During after class, Kyon met with Taniguchi to ask a few things about Kuyou when they were dating.

To summarize, Kuyou was the one who talked to Taniguchi first. They dated as usual, go to movies, eat, etc. Kuyou seemed to like fastfood; which for Taniguchi who doesnt has much money, was a good thing. She also show fascination about human evolution ( and even talked about it 2 hours straight ), and other difficult stuffs. Taniguchi kept dating her because she was beautiful and that was the first time a girl ever asked him to go out. Although it ended one day in a flash, Taniguchi arrived at the promised place for a date when Kuyou dumped him. ( just by saying " I made a mistake " and never contaced him again.

After that, Kyon went to the club room ( Haruhi told him to be there just in case a freshman came. ). There, stood someone unfamiliar to him.


" Whoppsy, looks like I made a mistake " -Yasumi (p.67)

Seems like she was there by mistake.

" I was meaning to come here anyway, but seems like I made a mistake. Aaa, its hajimemashite ( nice to meet you for the first time ) with the senpai here right? Fufu~ Its OK, its OK. This kinda mistake isnt a big deal. Senpai, You can remember or forget seeing me here. Either way is fine. Im sorry for making this mistake, but you`ll found out everything soon enough! But if some troubles were to exist, please dont panic. Just promise me that OK. Its a promise OK. We made a promise OK. Ok~ ok~!?" - Yasumi (p67/68)

Kyon didnt managed to say anything and she just left. Leaving a vase with flower behind.

That night, Sasaki called Kyon to tell him that Fujihara ( the time traveler ) asked to meet tomorrow. Sasaki also said that whatever Kyon`s decision is probably the best.


The part before, I mistaken read Fujihara as Touhara. in my defend, 藤原`s 藤(Fuji) is the same as 加藤`s Tou. sumimasen deshita.

Anyway~~ this is the next part over HERE
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Astonishment of suzumiya haruhi - part 3 ( spoiler & thought )

The part before

Alpha world:

Another peaceful day.

The most interesting part so far.

The part started with Haruhi came into the class late. A beta world dejavu, but this is the first time this happened here in alpha world.

When Kyon asked why, haruhi said the she woke up early, and made a bentou, and when she`s done its already late.

"Urm~ its kinda weird, but im wondering why myself. I felt like i have to cook. Maybe its a dream i had or something. Its as if like i had to cook for someone.... To make things clear, I dont make any extra ok, im going to eat all of them" -haruhi (p193)

Could it be that memory from beta world overflows to alpha world?

Oh btw, kyon replied that even if shed gave to him itd be trouble for him as well, where can he eat it? Definately not the class.


Thats not the only memory from the alpha world that overflown. After that kyon ask haruhi why she usually dont bring bentou, is it because her mother.

Haruhi was shocked. In this world, haruhi never said anything about her mother until that point.

The dejavu ended there.

Next was the final entrance exam. Haruhi..... Has no idea what was it going to be.

"How about 101 hamsters capturing competition?"

"Where can we get that much hamsters??"

"So, Shamisen's flee picking competition?"

"Shamisen is clean, plus dont just change it so drasticly."

"Then how about a cooking competition only using the weeds and grass found inside school?"

"If youre the only one that would be judging then gladly."

- haruhi and Kyon (p195,196)

With whatever the competition in the shadow, haruhi, kyon, sos members along with 5 ( one short from yesterday ) freshmens arrived at the club room.

After telling them to change into sports wear, they were gathered at the field for the final test. A no timelimit no fixed distance marathon.

The goal is simple, follow behind Haruhi.

While Haruhi and the 1st years were running, Kyon asked Koizumi whether there are anyone "special" among the 5 person.

"No" was the answer.

However both of them agreed that one of them was this weird aura.

And that particular person managed to follow haruhi until the very end. Passing the test and making the track and field club eyes set on her.

That girl.

Watahashi Yasumi. Btw, she asked to be call yasumi with a katakana sound. In which kyon tsukomi, kanji and katakana sound is the same right??

Haruhi then confessed that the former idea was to fail them all. But she was shocked to see at the end one of the freshmen still managed to follow her.

However that girl did manage to take haruhi intention during the second exam. She saved her answer while rhe other was either burned or thrown away.

These are her answer sheat. ( check the questions on the post before )


1- i really wanted to be in. Id love to be in

2- id like to do the best as i can

3- the one i want to talk the most with is with alien. The one i want to befriend the most is with time traveller. The most benificial is esper. The most all OK is sliders.

4- i have answered them on the last question. Gomen nasai.

5- None. Gomen nasai.

6- 空前絶後 ( urm... None before and never after? )

7- making city on mars and name it by my name. Like washington DC. Fufufu. ( this fufufu is written too )

8- If i were to say, I purposely lower my eyesight and wear glasses.

Bonus- got it. Ill bring it right away.
"Btw whats dc means actually?"

"Saaa, direct control jyanai? Kinda got that ring to it"

- haruhi and kyon (p236/237) Kyon later look from nagato but no answer. She made a "Search for yourself" kinda face.

When kyon look at the name, kyon remember the phone call he had ( on the novel before ). It was her.

Kyon somehow known her from somewhere but he dont remember.

However koizumi stressed that that girl is no one special. Kyon too look at that girl and doesnt felt anything like anything he encountered before.

A new power bearer?

Beta world:

Another day

Kyon still thinking of what to do. On the evening, he was left to stay at the clubroom with Koizumi. Instead of playing indoor games like usual, they decided to go outdoor and play catch ball.

It was during they were playing catch ball that they discussed about Kyon conflict.

The long discussion ended with a conclusion:

"Im on Haruhi`s side, so my judgement is bias. If only I know someone who know both side, then Id make him make the decision" -Koizumi said with his usual smile (p259)

He also said that Kyon judgement was never wrong and probably never will be.

After they came to that conclusion, Kyon went back home.

Back at his home, Sasaki was already in his room playing with Shamisen and his sister.

They discussed what are their next step but there are no real conclusion to their discussion.

When the discussion was over, Sasaki went home.

" Actually there`s one more thing I wanted to ask you. Its regarding my student life but I guess thats fine. I already have so much fun talking to you already" - Sasaki

Of course, Kyon insisted but Sasaki ended up going home anyway.

" Perhaps that was her real intention of coming..." Kyon thought after she left


First book finished. On to the next book.


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Astonishment of suzumiya haruhi - part 2 ( spoiler and thought )


alpha world:

The next day, the second Sos brigade entrance exam was held. While there're 12 people on the first day, only 6 people are left for the test.

Before the test, a bunch of things were mentioned. Such as Kyon remember a distinctive kohai with a smile shape hairpin, Mikuru being a 3rd year and will be leaving thus will probably cause haruhi to reset the year, haruhi and him choosing what subject to take and only to have haruhi forcing him to take world history instead of japan history, koizumi and him making a bet about how many kohai will actually show up for the test, etc.

Anyway about the test.

Its a paper test.

The question were as follows:
1:Reason for entering SOS brigade
2:What can you attribute if youre accepted
3:Between Aliens, Time travellers, Espers, and sliders, which is the best?
5:Wrote about your mysterious experience
6:Favourite 四文字熟語 ( 4 kanji, kinda like an idiom, mine is 先手必勝 )
7:If you can do anything, what will you do?
8:Lastly, state your passion.
Bonus: if you brought anything interesting, additional mark will be given.

Anyway during the paper test, kyon, mikuru, and koizumi were told to leave the club room.

As for Nagato, Haruhi said that she can stay.

Does Haruhi still think Nagato as the room decoration?
-kyon(page 84)

Because he was chased out as Kyon walked in the club room., Kyon didnt managed to confirm whether the smile hairpin girl was there or not.

Anyway they decided to kill the time at the school cafe

Meanwhile they look at the paper test and talk.

Koizumi said the test was interesting, especially about the third question.

When they came back to the club room, the first year is already told to go back, thus missing their chance to drink Mikuru's tea.

Lastly, Kyon hope that all these commotion will make Haruhi's mood better, at least until next week.

beta world:

Determined to cure Nagato, even during the morning Kyon mind was filled about how is he going to ask Kuyou to break the curse upom Nagato.

But first, he has to tell Haruhi that he wont be able to come to Nagato house after school. However, for the first time, Haruhi was late. It wasnt until the bell rang that haruhi came in. Looking at Kyon looking at her, she made this pose.

It seems she went to Nagato house before going to class to make her breakfast. The fever is low but...

"Watching her sleeping, i kinda felt like.... Dont get me wrong, but i felt like i want hug her tight. Because i kinda feel that if I dont, she will be gone forever.."

Hearing that, Kyon feeling to see the "active" Nagato back rose. He told Haruhi about not being able to go to Nagato house afterschool in which Haruhi responded that would be a good idea since they might as well help Nagato bath and clean up.

With that Koizumi was told to stay at the clubroom by himself in case the first year came.

From here, Kyon monologue is seriously loooooonnnng. If they made a movie out of this then Sugita really has to talk a lot.

Anyway before he actually met with Sasaki and the others, Kyon recap his relationship with Sasaki, Kuyou, Kyoshi and Touhara.

Touhara is a time traveller, Mikuru`s enemy and said that It doesnt matter who hold the power.

Kyoshi is Koizumi`s enemy from a different kikan ( if Im not mistaken ) and said that power should be hold by Sasaki

Kuyou is from a different entity but very similar from Nagato`s, Nagato`s enemy and said that her interest is not in Haruhi but in Nagato.

But Sasaki is not Kyon`s enemy. Rather, both of them think each other as best friend.

Anyway~~~ about the negotiation.

Kiyou agreed to release Nagato curse after what she`s trying to do is completed, on one condition.

Touhara demanded Haruhi power to be transferred to Sasaki.

From here the mental attack started. Sasaki of course, objected the idea but Touhara said that she has no say in this. Plus, if Haruhi`s power been taken off, its not like Nagato, Mikuru, and Koizumi power has been taken off so for Kyon, it`ll be just as the same.. Or so he said. Touhara whos has no stand of who has the power said the change of power is just another route to fulfill his goal. Quoted; as 1x1 and 1/1 , both will arrive at the same conclusion but different way.

Kyon also didnt wish for his friend; Sasaki to have Haruhi`s power. He`d hope that his normal friend remain as his normal friend.

Touhara and Kyoshi then took their leave, giving a time for Kyon to make a decision. Leaving him, Sasaki and Kuyou.

When Kyon and Sasaki leave the cafe, Kuyou eerily follow from behind.

At the station, they bumped into Kunikeda and Taniguchi. Kunikeda was from the same school as Kyon and Sasaki so they knew each other. Taniguchi on the other hand, that was the first time for him seeing Sasaki. i.e he came to a conclusion that this is the weird girl Kyon likes.

Taniguchi started teasing Kyon when he saw Kuyou

Remember during Disappearance Taniguchi said that he made a girlfriend during Christmas? The one that made him refused to attend SOS nabe party?

It`s Kuyou.

He even gave Kuyou a stylish watch, in which Kuyou still wears it.

Although, their relation didnt last long. When asked why did they broken up, Kuyou replied.

"I mistaken him for you"


When asked why did she still kept the watch, she said that its given becuase she wanted it at first. She was fascinated by the watch that kept going the same way and not because she still has lingering feeling for Taniguchi. ( who ran after saw Kuyou )

They later went home and the chapter ended.

Next part
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Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi spoiler - part 1


Alpha world:

Nothing happened (ROFL)

Beta world:

Nagato is sick. Everyone from the sos brigade came to visit. They ( haruhi mainly ) made vegetable soup for her.

There is a part where haruhis mother was mention. I think thats the first time she is ever mention huh? Even kyons mom doesnt have an air time.

"Despite Nagato in her pajyama lying on her bed, eating the soup made by haruhi... despite her being within my hand reach, her existance seems so fade." -kyon(p27)

To cure her, kyon go search for Kiyou; the person responsible for making Nagato like that.

In the middle of the way to kouyou gakuen. He met her. The scene was quite dramatic with the railroad crossing between them and all.

"i want to know more about human...."


"i want to know more about you"

"want to go out with me?"

-Kuyou (p36)

She then came closer to Kyon, Kyon was freaking out, thats when....

"This human here is my prey. Rather than giving him to you, Id rather do this..."

- p38

Guess who?

Asakura. Nagato backup made her came back, and yeah thats one badass of a cameback.

A stylish battle occured. In the middle, kimidori intervened. In case you forgot kimidori is the senpai that claimed to be the kompi-ken president girlfriend. In haruhichan, kimidori is the balloon. In this novel, is the former that intervened.

In the end, kuyou got away and kyon right until the end didnt even look at asakura. In his defense, she did tried to kill him twice. Although this time alone, asakura saved his life twice. Kuyou tried to kill him. Kuyou didnt understand the concept of life, death, etc as you might have noticed from the novel before.

After all that was over, haruhi called kyon telling him to come back. At room 708 aka nagato apartment, Kyon tells what happend to Koizumi and came to a conclusion that the only one to save nagato is him.

The chapter ends with kyon getting a mail from one of the new character. The name wasnt shown, the last part, it only written "your bestfriend". Its sasaki.

To those who forget, this is sasaki.

Continue on the next chapter.

EDIT: some fan made a whole translation of this part. I found them here. Its hard work to translate them, applause パチパチ


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涼宮ハルヒの驚愕 - The Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi ( light spoiler )

Went to the bookstore today. This is how bookstore in Japan looks like.

This bookstore sells cds and games too. But thats not what im here today.

They also got reference books in manga forms. Ive never read them before, but i remember how i used to wish how wonderful would it be if the textbooks is in comic forms.

Nevertheless, thats not what im here today too.

Im here for these......

Tada~~~~! The astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi. The novel has been in hiatus for.... 4 years? 2 years? I forgot, but a bloody long time ago.

I havent read them yet, but when i scanned them, theres the part where nagato is sick, the brigade entrance exam, 2 parallel worlds, etc.

I need to read the one before this first. Theres a fanbased group that translated the novels, the link is HERE. Although, the project itself has been abandoned. The English version has been copyrighted, but theres some other language that are still there. Including Indonesian, French and Russian.

Although... I kinda have already downloaded the when the copyright is still unactive, but I dont think its legal to share them anymore.

Plus, although the haruhi series has been copyrighted, the other novels, bakemonogatari, toradora! seitokai no ichizon is still there. So check them out.


Anyway about the book.

The highlight should be this girl!

Watahashi Yasumi. Or Yasumi Watahashi depends on which country youre in. The new member of the sos brigade. Whats her power? I dont know, i havent read the book yet. But i remember a slider being mention on the last book.

As i post before this, ill put up a spoiler after i read the books. That most probably be a year or so. Rofl.

EDIT: Im currently reading it and writing the synopsis/spoiler each part. Click HERE to read them.

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Reminiscene of Suzumiya Haruhi : Nagato Yuki phase

Someone asked me to be more thorough about what happen with Nagato Yuki and Kyon in Reminisence.

Reminisence, as the movie Dissapereance, put the spotlight Yuki, rather than the main heroine; suzumiya haruhi.

But of course, you guys must already knew about this, seeing as youre still reading this.

Yuki phase..... Is really long actually. Being the last person to remember Kyon, the problem she was facing is quite... Urm, problematic?

Just when Kyon arrived at the parallel world, the first person he met was Nagato but she ran away after Kyon asked her a few questions.

The next time Kyon meet her was when Nagato is having trouble carrying some boxes to the clubroom. Koizumi phase if Im not mistaken.

1st problem comes to light; She has got nowhere to sell. The book she wrote was a little late in printing, so she couldnt set up her stall untill the first day of the gakuensai. When asked by the Computer Ken whether she can use her space for the game they`d made, she OKed. And well, after the book came, she decided to just throw them away. Thats so like Nagato.

But there came the main heroine. Despite not being a student of Kita-Kou, Haruhi, along with Kyon and Koizumi ( Mikuru later came to deliver Yakisoba but her phase still incomplete ), they managed to get Computer ken to share the space once again.
Thus Nagato managed to get a space to sell her book, well, a desk is more like it. You can see behind Nagato theres still a server behind the place where they want to set up.In the game, some of the lines from her book was read, its some kind of a poem(?), really beautiful.

But when you sell poetic books with only a desk with a gigantic server behind you and people playing video game beside you, they tend to dont sell.

The next loop/phase Haruhi managed to make Computer ken take the server elsewhere and but a poster behind the store.
Next loop, she plus some more posters and managed to get a computer to make the store stands out. How she get computer is exactly the same way how she managed to get a computer in the original story. To those who forgot, it involves camera.

Although with all those things, the book only sells 4/5 i guess?

And then comes Nagato phase. This time Kyon focused only to help Nagato.

The thing they came up is a fortune telling. Nagato will fortune tells and the result is a one phrase from the book she`s selling.
The plan backfires because most of the costumer only interested in fortune telling, not the book. But that did managed to get people interested. Plus, the one who could tell anything about the book is bust fortune telling, so Koizumi and Kyon who knows nothing about the book couldnt really relay much about the book.

Next loop, instead of Nagato doing the fortune telling, they made a fortune telling computer program, staring Koizumi and her.

In the middle, Asahina joins in, and the managed to get this picture. This picture marks the end of Kyon`s venture. This was the final key to restore the time data.

But then he felt like theres something more she couldve accomplish. Hence, he went back, and made the thing he wanted to do. Form the SOS brigade and make a movie together.

The title is The adventure of Nagato Yuki episode 00 if Im not mistaken. Its the same with The adventure of Asahina Mikuru episode 00, only they battle with poem lines, and the ending is the esper Koizumi want to go with Nagato to the other planet.

Although during the movie, Nagato was pretty reluctant, and when you have to approach her and talk to her, theres one part that she hinted that she like Kyon. >.< Plus, theres this one part where Asahina needed to take care of her yakisoba cafe ( and couldnt take part in the filming ) and Nagato, Haruhi, Koizumi ( 3 different loops )take her place instead.
In the end, with the movie aired on the finale of the gakuensai, people rushed to buy the book afterwards. The total sells was 137 ( or some number like this ). When they are celebrating, Haruhi found 4 club entry forms.

Nagato: Those are... No, I just like o imagine... How nice would that be if all of you... Are part of the literature club. I know that impossible..

Haruhi: No, its not. Im joining

Koizumi: But we are from another school

Haruhi: So what? is there a rule that stated a student from another school cant enter this club? Thats against human right!

Kyon ( in his heart ) iya, theres actually.


She wrote the entry form and on the club name she wrote { Literature Club (SOS brigade) }. Thus, the SOS brigade officially take its place in this parallel world.

When Kyon handed his entry form to Nagato, he was sent off to another parallel world. The very cold place that only has the literature room. With Nagato from the Disappearance inside.

Cold, and lonely. Patiently waiting for Kyon`s answer.

While in the movie, Kyon just abandoned her, this time Kyon gave her the entry form, and wanted to make an SOS brigade on this world. So Nagato wouldnt felt lonely anymore.
But just handing out the entry form is enough for her.

"Thank you...."

And Kyon was back at the real world. Its during the Christmas Nabe party when Kyon asked Nagato out to go to the library together during weekend.
In which she replied after a pause. "I`ll think about it"

But well, in the end, it became the brigade activity instead of a date.
Kyon tells Nagato about a girl she saw, how she was lonely and did the greatest decision alone.

Nagato: Im sure that girl is happy. Because she lives right there, in your memory.


I wanted to buy the light novel "Suzumiya Haruhi no Gyoukaku.......

I read it somewhere that there`re 2 worlds, a new character (kohai). Ill update when I bought the book, and wrote about it a year later after I finished reading it. LOL


Oh, the save file of the game is on a different post. here

Haruhi and Koizumi phase is here and here respectively.

Or you can just search from the archieve.

The intro of the game is one my channel here , all the other part has been deleted for copyright =.=

The latest novel on the next post. Check the archieve.

Nagato is sick at beta world

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A friend of mine has this strap.



He said he got it from lawson.

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Anyway, been busy with lots od thing lately. This time i want to share an interesting thing at Japan.

So i was walking back to my place when i saw this....

A mystery drink vending machine... They say that curiousity kills the cat but youve got to wonder what that is right?

I bought it...

The mystert drink was nothing like id expected.

Here it is....

The heck, its just fanta! Plus if you look carefully on thr picture before theres the same thing next to this!

Oh well, since my cat is left with only 6 lives yet ill let this one slide.

Speaking of cat....

Lately before i left my lab i told my labmates that ive to go back to feed my cat. In which theyd respond "youve a cat??" LOL.

If i have a cat, id name it Schrodinger.

They kinda have an image of me as someone that easily laugh. This one time if amongst us would be the casts of warattewa ikenai batsu game, they nominated me. (ーー;)

Oh, my youtube channel has this amazing videos where i levated some stuffs, lol. Check them out.

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