MTG Revenge mode..... Zero escape

But most of the decks got many cards to be unlocked... When is the next DLC coming i wonder... i hope they brings in a draft mode or something. Currently doing the challenge. 250 attack monster is not something you see everyday. Good thing there are no Magic Cylinder in MTG.


Anyway the reason it took so long to finish this game is because PSN PLUS (the US one that Im currently a member until June)-anyone know how to confirm until when your plus subscribtion expire? I think I got the 3 months free but I cant be sure...- gave a free awesome vita game. Zero Escape.


Naturally, Ive beaten the game, and even plat it. Easy platinum though.


The story is GREAT. The story is.... GREAT. Im saying this twice and using my caps to emphasis.


Although Im a bit confuse about the ending. Im sure they will make a sequel soon.


Till then


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