28th may と書いて my birthday と読む

Is that day again of the year~~

My birthday~ yay! Thanks to ulya for making me the cake!

24th this year, one more year to a quarter of decade. (>人<;)

This year my labmates gave treated me to some foods and a waterballoon. ごちそうさまでした. Though after that they made me teach them C++, but still~

And Ulya's present to me this year is....


Whats in the box is this...

A wallet! The old one actually beyond use, and i have been searching for a new wallet actually.

Theres also this band that gave a performance to me.... Sort of.

They are called "sona pocket". havent heard of them? The name might not be so familiar but their songs are quite famous.

Quoted from a friend of mine... Huhuhu

They are here at fukui daigaku because of the open university.

The malaysian students made these.....

Btw its racist to say that they look alike...


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Small update

Doesnt it always about to rain when your laundry is done or is it just me?

My account has got 2 copyright notice ( 1 more until my channel got ban ), thats why many of the videos on my channel have been deleted.

On side note;

Ive got myself a copy of LA Noir and Brink. Am browsing what to get next.....

Brink is to play online I think. Missed playing on PSN. Last time i did was with Amir, playing monhun.

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Reminiscence of suzumiya haruhi - Thought , Spoiler plus PSP save file

The ps3/psp game Reminiscence of suzumiya haruhi ( 涼宮ハルヒの追想 ) is the continuation of the movie Dissappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi. To those who never watched the movie, you can buy the blu-ray or download it illegally. You can get it illegally HERE. I just found that link, thats not mine.

Sneak peek of the movie:

Its snowing...

Anyway the movie ended with a question mark. "what happen to nagato and the others after that?"

She was waiting...

On the movie, Kyon ended up returning the club entry form to Nagato, but she actually waited for Kyon's answer. She waited and waited until the room turns to winter. The video is on my channel.

In the end Kyon met with her again and return the form again. Only this time, with his name on it.

How he get there? Theres actually an error in the time planes so big Asahina summoned Kyon to repair them.

But when the first day he arrived on the that parallel world, Haruhi, Mikuru, Koizumi, Nagato doesnt know him. He started with performing band with Haruhi, then helped Koizumi in the mr. Contest. ( check the post before ), made Mikuru enter miss kitakou, and made Nagato's book sale a success.

After he helped all of them he managed to get back to the normal(?) world but he felt something isnt right. He couldve done more.

So he went back. This time he made movie with the sos dan and show it on the ending of the festival.

Here are some of the pictures for those who dont have the psp.

There is this one time Kyon hitting on Asakura

and Nagato

And Tsuruya and Mikuru...

And even Haruhi

But that`s just a dare that Kyon and Koizumi made.

it has got nothing to do with Asakura crying

Or even why Asakura stabbed Kyon. ^^

But anyway, Kyon helped his class to win the best event at the festival.

This is the part when they started to made a movie.

Anyway my save data is over here. Please dont distribute it without my permission ok?


password: akimura-pow.blogspot.com

Although, 4 of the picture is still locked. (>人<;)

Good luck.

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涼宮ハルヒの追想ー古泉phase spoiler (WALKTHROUGH)

So next is koizumi phase. On this loop, haruhi knows about Kyon, but Koizumi doesnt. Koizumi was quite jealous Kyon being in good term with Haruhi. Even calling her "Haruhi" instead of "Suzumiya-san"

So Kyon suggested that Koizumi make Haruhi interested in him instead. Hence....

They joined rock-climbing ( and wrestling before that )

Kingyou tsukui ( goldfish fishing? )

On the next day, Koizumi entered mr contest.

As a butler....

But unfortunatelty he didnt win. Hence they took a picture like this...

After that they took a more normal? picture

This picture is a vital key in thia game. With this the completion is only 60%.

"Sos dan with 2 people short" -Kyon


Talk with Koizumi


i think... leave in the comment if Im wrong. Im just doing this based on what I remember. LOL

There should be a junction, pick the first 1 ( the up ) and the first one after that too. place a bookmark before that if you want to get the images for the below choice.

Then Taniguchi should talk to you after that. If not, than you might have chosen the wrong route.

On the morning of the second day DO NOT choose the further right or you`ll felt asleep and have to reloop. Just the others.

Than Haruhi should met up with you and Koizumi shall be entering the mr. contest, the problem is you dont have the custome.. Ops, you do, you have the bunny suits, but that wont do. Place a bookmark here.

you searched but no prevail, dont mind. After that youll met up with Haruhi again and just let them go home. After that go to the custome mark ( the forth one ) you`ll get a butler costume.

Reloop at the bookmark I told you to place earlier or start from the beginning.

Give Koizumi the butler shirt, and..... I think that should clear this phase.

The next phase involve ALOT of looping, Ill post it if and only if someone bother to ask.

Good luck~

Oh, if you just wanted to know the ending ( what happen to the Nagato on Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi ) just watch this VIDEO (sorry, deleted). However, i put my save file, wrote some synopsis on the next post.

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Suzumiya haruhi tsuisou - haruhi phase ( with walkthrough )

The first phase of the game.

Watch the prologue HERE

Everyone forgot about kyon, so kyon told haruhi that he's John Smith. Haruhi didnt believe him and refused to listen to him.

So first he got on haruhis good side, got her number, went back to the past, told her that he's john smith again and msged haruhi about john smith. The gameplay of that part was...at my channel but it deleted

Thats when this happened, but haruhi believed that that john was somewhere near, so she planned to make herself stand out. The logic is so john would be able to find her.

They staged a hostage situation. The hostage situation is quite funny.

But that wasnt good enough so Haruhi decide to make a performance during break at sub-stage. But she felt as is something...or someone is mising. so next loop she made mikuru who dont know about her or kyon to perform with her.

( Kunikeda won mr contest. Its on the the same phase but its got nothing to do with anything on this phase )

And finally they even joined the live stage. Mikuru air guitar was Nagato's idea.

And lastly....

She tied a ponytail.

Kyon found shamisen, the loop started again. This is Phase 2

This time Haruhi knows kyon, but everyone elses didnt know him. So the next phase is to make koizumi remember him on the next loop.

Kunikeda 人気者

The world data is falling apart so this kind of weird things happened


On day 1st go to the sub-stage (Karate mark)during the morning. Dont go with Haruhi, and when its 1500 go to the substage (the brush mark). Kyon is going to felt sorry for not telling Mikuru about the rain. You also need to talk to Haruhi and get her number.

one of the clear example
>7>本当は宇宙人。。 (or) 未来人は。。。

at 1700, go to the 1st block on the left. (露天)

Loop back to the bookmark earlier.

on the morning, go to the substage ( karate ) and the go with Haruhi. ( Select her number )

You ought to get the coupun when youre going to the student council room ( A2 line )

The bookmark should have transfered

Go to class at 1200 ( graf ), help asakura and get bunny suits. you can get towels if you reloop and do this one again.

Tanikuguchi will give you concert pamplet.

reloop and use the third SOS mark.


Any question or whatever, leave them in the comments but I`ll respond quicker if you leave a message/comments at my youtube account. <-- click

Click the library for the other phases,

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Suzumiya haruhi no tsuisou


Will upload gameplay on my channel later


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Kitamura Eri artist debut

Lately its always raining..

Dont get me wrong, i like rain. I just hate going to class when its rain.

Although i cant really say that i like going to class when its NOT raining though.....

On another note!
Eri Kitamura or Kitamura Eri or Kitaerior AB:Yui or HSTD:Takagi or Working:Todoroki or Toradora: Ami ( depends on what you watched and where do you live ) is going to be debuting as an artist~

She announced it on her radio last night ( 9/5 on Hibiki ) ( LINK )

The radio is aired every other Monday night on 10. Clashed with Shabekuri007, i know. Thats when Torne comes into the picture.

Is it new that a seiyuu debut as an artist? Not really, Mizuki Nana, Minorhythm, tanaka Rie, etc a lot of seiyuu have done that before..... Right? I mean, theres even a seiyuu that become 芸能人.


Although, the changing line from seiyuu idol isnt always pleasent. A lot of people hope they stay inside their line as a seiyuu, but come on~ KitaEri too was worried ( mixed with a good amount of happiness ) when she announced her debut joking "Hahaha, perhaps now the blog is getting flamed huh?" >.< Gambare

I started watching Pikaru No Teiri too is because Hirano Aya was in it. After the season changed and the main changed into Watanabe and Gantz's Natsuna. Although she doesnt got too much air time and often pushed behind the casts. Not really interesting......

The link to KitaEri artist page HERE

Well then. Got class tomorrow as early as 845, will not got any credit for it but listening to it will help myself in my research.


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