Saser : brotherhood

On the 24th, i went to the Saser. Reason? The teacher told to come and well... Haaziq asked me to escort him. ♪( ´▽`)

Hence its a time for a walk to the memory line for us.

If we got there that is....

We got lost during our way and ended up at bukit temiang, and fyi, Haaziq was the one driving. Although i have to admit i share the blame too since i said i was sure of the way. f^_^;)

After going through seremban's hectic traffic, got honk twice for not giving signals, and cutting through line a few times (all of which totally made me felt like home ), we finally arrived...




Hey, theres a new building and outside parking spots. Nice~

That new builiding which totally look like a dorm at first glance is actually the bio chemist and physic lab.

And the teacher asked why the student are always late coming back from the labs.

Anyway, we parked the car ( in which I mean he parked the car while I watched him doing so ), and well... Searched for somebody.

Ah~ the name has changed~

I'll try googling Tuanku Munawir later because I have no idea who he is. Haaziq said he is probably the sultan's son or someone of that status. Experience taught me not to take his word for it.

Up the stairs we went. Because the 5th years are having their trial at the hall. There are hardly anyone anywhere.

Firstly we took a look at the board... Lets see...

Cikgu shahrul, cikgu pj, cikgu tini are still here.....

Cikgu rezal, cikgu azlina, cikgu jennyta, cikgu badrul, ustaz badrul, owh, ramai je lagi kat Saser ni.

I heard a lot of them are transferred to another place, but at this rate looks like it was going to be nostalgical after all.

So after confirming the available teachers we went to the teachers room.

Labs... Just like before..

So we entered the room, and since cikgu siti azlina ( who taught us maths back during the days ) was the nearest we chatted. She told us about Saser gotten the SBT status and got a lot of money ( which later told by yet another teacher still wasnt enough ). Cikgu shahrul afterward, cikgu mohd noor, Miss... Sorry, "MADAM" Z.

As expected, most of them forgot about me (>人<;)

On their defenses, although they were one of the few teachers for us, we are one of many students for them. Plus Ive always flew below the radar anyway.

And then later came my favourite teacher during my time in Saser; cikgu Jennyta. The reason was well, theres this one time I was invited to this event regardless of me not holding any position at te club. She was that club's teacher in charge. And well... She taught me physics. Back during the times, i was slow at memorizing stuffs but was rather good at learning concepts and calculation. She was good at teaching me those.


She has forgotten about me too. (T ^ T)

Although, she does remember me by my facebook. Bawh~ good enough for me.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

She seems tired, and compared to 7 years ago, she does look as if she has gotten thinner. Cikgu, faito! Gambare~ huuu

After saying hi to the teachers that we know we took a tour around the school ( while searching for our former class teacher ; cikgu Tini )

The school really has become prettier.

The place where there use to be a pond(?) i remember shukri and some other guys mandi there when spm was over.

The kaki lima where we used to travel here and there.

Owh, i also managed to spot the newspaper nyonya. Aaah~ she still works here. Kreko ade makcik? Lol~

The assembly ground. It was a gray concrete.

The water tower where ramai2 panjat during the last day of school. What? If you think thats bad, there were tons of others who climb that tower every now and then.

And the best part is this...

Surau Saser.

Anyway before i proceed in showing the interior, here is the surau during our time.

Its now under renovation to be a reading room.

Heres the new surau looks like inside.

Build-in aircone, mimbar ( tho bukan masjid ), now even i want to be badar~

Heck, there even a projector!

I wonder what its use for...

Just beside the surau, the lab building. Still vacant i think, considering no one was there.

And then theres the hall. I couldnt get inside because there were students taking biology 2 trial exams.

They left their books and bags literally everywhere.

I think this was when 2 of the teachers spotted us. She mentioned about Saser trip to mardi and about my mom showed my picture. (^◇^;)

She and cikgu Rosli got some visitors so we couldnt chat much.

Oh, this caught my eyes.

Somebody care to tell me wth Program Susu Sekolah is? I could think of a few possabilities, but i fail to find beings that could be milked anywhere. σ(^_^;)

The pavilion where Iqbal and I always just watch while the others were on the field. Lol~

Oh, this caught our attention too.

A parking spot for Guru Cemerlang. ( later cikgu Tini told us that that is a title given to a teacher with really high certificate, and here i tought it was decided by a popularity contest )

The cafeteria also got a new look although the tv is always there for 8 years. I remember this guy from green ( lekir ) house that always sitting there watching tv. I hope he got a job like Labu do at Astro.

And that was my, our dorm. The dorm that although just being on top of surau, pernah satu kali sume kantoi subuh. (ーー;)

Dobi where every weekend Radzi and me usually go and wash our shirts. Radzi.... What becomes of him huh?

I have no idea whos room is this.

They even got a garden. Nice~

Even the formula was written on stone. Smart~

Over there is lekir's house.

The place bile hujan akan licin giler~ here too is the place where we caught the frogs for biology insection.

The DM is now airconed, and well... Sophisticated.

Hence the rule;

And then on the way we met with cikgu faridah; The chemist teacher that called Shahirul Irnazil, "Irna" because she liked the name ( or so i heard ). And then she pointed to us to cikgu Tini whereabout.

She ( purple tudung ) bought us across our former class.

Even the square arrangements were alike. See that far end? Thats where me, iqbal, haaziq, arif ezrin use to sit. Though after Spm, amogst the 4, im the only one that got an a2 while the others scored a perfect mark. Ironic because i was the one teaching Bal addmath. (*`へ´*) hahaha~

Later we talked for hours~

Cikgu Fareha, ( the garang teacher that taught me Sejarah ) later joined in.

Because it was a looooong talk, i decided to wrote the gist in point form.

•The teachers were mad because haaziq didnt send a proper weding card.

•The teachers check our Salam Aidilfiri on newspapers so be sure to write "for our teachers at saser"

•About 10 other school students came to study for 2 weeks. Even TKCs.. !(◎_◎;)

•There is this pelajar something program where the graduates talk to the students. ( call the school if anyone interested )

• Haikal spoke korean during the speech.

• Najib wore casuals during the speech. ( she asked to wear uniform to look smart lol~ )

• Adam always sell something on facebook.

• Bab is still lebar and he got a brother in saser right now

• Cikgu Tini like 3S, kattun, and 2am

• I dont look good with long hair

• Dont grow jambang either

• She has grown tired. Sensei~! Faito!

• Isman baik and alim, he even called her from ireland.

• Im baik too but not so much per se Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

• Belang amat hebat

• Theres a reunion next year, date is still on KIV

• Hockey is fun

• The biology scrap book that we made is really good that some of the teachers make copies of it.

She also mentioned that the juniors are quite lazy and not prone to say assalamualaikum yo their teachers.


When about 5 of them were introduced to us, 4 of them salam and then cium my hand.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Kinda awkward.

So i personally think perhaps its not the student getting worse. Its the teachers standard that has gotten high ( thanks to yours truly ). But entah la. Haaziq said that time is changing too. Shrugs~

Oh, the tie isnt going to change until next year.

We went back at about 3 after prayed at the new surau.

Last look at Saser.


And dont bother searching for the 2nd batch monument.

There were none.

Either that or we are really bad at finding things.

So thats it. Goodbye Saser~~~

Btw, dont forget to take your cert you guys.

Lastly, i dont know if the teachers are reading this. Chances are high that they arent, but if they do...

I want to express my sincere gratitude for making me the man i am. I was quite skeptical when i entered, but when i graduated with 10 a1, im glad i entered. The time that could be spend with your loved ones but instead was given to me, to us. For that, im eternally grateful. Its tiring to to answer a question from a student only to repeat the same thing to yet another student and the other one after that yet you done it with a smile.

All the achivements ive got, will be getting the future, are all made possible because of you.

Faito desu! Gambare!

- written by iphone ( probably will be editted by pc later )

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