Next in store.... Prinny hood towel, twitter friend/ MP clan search

Finished disgaea!


Currently trying to get all the extra characters.... Etna is my strongest character now, how about that?? She got the ability to increase her ability 100% ( x2 ) if the only ally character in the map are prinnies and Etna. Other than that, Im still increasing my main characters to lvl 160 to unlock the final form before reincarnate them. Oh, and Im still trying to let my mage learn ALL the tera magic. The good thing is Im not playing Last of Us until the game got cheaper.... Though Im guessing after a while the game will be a free to play, but who knows who long will that take.


Nyway, for my next post, Im thinking about writing my thought of this game, since I love it so much.


The guided fate paradox


NIS game got the tendency of you have to play the game for a long time if you want to get the plus alpha. The problem is.... MAGIC 2014 is out the Tuesday. Still not sure whether to get the iOS or the PS3 version. Since the graphic is almost the same, the much more mobile iOS version seems like a better idea.


Extra things....


Thank you PSN asia for giving me 14 days of plus. Most of the games are for VITA though. I reset my memcard just for this 14 days. Im all Im playing is BLOB.

The email that PSN asia gave me


And..... i want this. But its not in store right now.


Its a prinny hood towel.

The advertisement that comes with Disgaea D2
Somebody got it from some event
Going to use it for myself though obviously its for girls


Just keeping the blog alive. Im searching for internet friends that share the passion for games, manga, and anime to play MP and making my twitter lively.


Add me at akimura87.