The only sports that I played ( and good at it )

Being here in Japan, one tends to try things that isn`t there in Malaysia. Which also would answer the question why most Malaysian student here in Japan have already climbed up Mount-Fuji yet never ever seen Mount-Kinabalu up close. I, never climbed up mount-fuji however, I`m not much of a mountain climber.

One more thing that I`m not is a sportsman. Dont get me wrong, I dont hate sports; I`m just am not good at them. Of course, unless it somehow involve a controller or a keyboard. But, even so here in Japan, there is a sport on a certain season that i especially enjoy and well, even if I say it myself, I`m quite good at it myself. That sport is called Snowboarding.


Orait, learning to snowboard is like learning how to cycle. Only in this case you cycle not with a bicycle, but with a piece of wood stuck to your feet. Both hard and relatively easy if you know the trick. In a simpler word, you learn to snowboard by falling. Get good after you learn how to keep your balance.

Exhibit A trying to get up after a fall. Gambare!!

Well, after you past the hurdle of not knowing how to not fall, or you learnt some new skills from an old-timer ( S, noozle, goofy, etc. ) you begin to realize, Snowboarding is fun~~ For me, the best thing about snowboarding is as follows;

Snowboarding with friendsWatching the beautiful scenery's whilst cutting through the snow Get to play GUNDAM VS GUNDAM together... oya? cam takde kene mengena...

All in all, snowboard is actually the best winter sport ever. Although, by learning it first hand, dont go snowboarding for 3 days straight if you have a tough schedule the next day. Seriously I just came back from too much playing snowboard, and today I have classes till 6pm~ uhhh~~~ Badan pun cam dedar skit nih.. sejuk giler...

bak kata kakak aku: Haaa~ tu aa, sape suruh main snowboard~ huhuhuh

Snowboarding with friends; Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese. International sungguh~


Anonymous said...

Haloo..! Howdy!
Wow, snowboarding seems really fun. Well, I heard that snowboarding in Hokkaido is better coz of the light and soft snow overthere.
So, dgr cite ade byk skill men snowboard? ajarla sket.hehe.

Owh ye, upload r video men snowboard aritu.baru best.hehe.
dgr cite demam?get well soon ye!

Anonymous said...

satu je yg menarik..4 psp atas meja tu..nak satu!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dreamer-> video eh? video cam aku HD maaa, tatau camne nak upload~ dtg bilik aku tgk jer la ye~ :p

Anonymous-> haaaaa, kalo sumer tu PSP aku, seyes aku bagi~ malangnyer thats not the case~~ *D

Farah Hanim said...

nk salji!!setakat genting je aku mampu.hahaha