The modern culture influence in Japan education

Lol, the title seems like its a journal or paper or something...

Anyway, here are some reference books that uses manga or anime.

This actually the english & japanese version of the first light novel. It highlights the words that deem hard for most people. The English is great, but i personally think that the fan ( i.e bakatsuki is more entertaining ) dont quote me on this, i just look at a few pages fow a few seconds only.

This is a Chemistry reference book. The contents is actaually very interesting and informative. Kinda wish they had these when i was studying chemistry.

Aside, there are also Suzuka ( now famous with The town where you live ) manga characters that made into textbooks cover.

Owh, ill be having japanese proficiency test end of this week. Will update on Astonishment later around this week. I hope.

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