Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi spoiler - part 1


Alpha world:

Nothing happened (ROFL)

Beta world:

Nagato is sick. Everyone from the sos brigade came to visit. They ( haruhi mainly ) made vegetable soup for her.

There is a part where haruhis mother was mention. I think thats the first time she is ever mention huh? Even kyons mom doesnt have an air time.

"Despite Nagato in her pajyama lying on her bed, eating the soup made by haruhi... despite her being within my hand reach, her existance seems so fade." -kyon(p27)

To cure her, kyon go search for Kiyou; the person responsible for making Nagato like that.

In the middle of the way to kouyou gakuen. He met her. The scene was quite dramatic with the railroad crossing between them and all.

"i want to know more about human...."


"i want to know more about you"

"want to go out with me?"

-Kuyou (p36)

She then came closer to Kyon, Kyon was freaking out, thats when....

"This human here is my prey. Rather than giving him to you, Id rather do this..."

- p38

Guess who?

Asakura. Nagato backup made her came back, and yeah thats one badass of a cameback.

A stylish battle occured. In the middle, kimidori intervened. In case you forgot kimidori is the senpai that claimed to be the kompi-ken president girlfriend. In haruhichan, kimidori is the balloon. In this novel, is the former that intervened.

In the end, kuyou got away and kyon right until the end didnt even look at asakura. In his defense, she did tried to kill him twice. Although this time alone, asakura saved his life twice. Kuyou tried to kill him. Kuyou didnt understand the concept of life, death, etc as you might have noticed from the novel before.

After all that was over, haruhi called kyon telling him to come back. At room 708 aka nagato apartment, Kyon tells what happend to Koizumi and came to a conclusion that the only one to save nagato is him.

The chapter ends with kyon getting a mail from one of the new character. The name wasnt shown, the last part, it only written "your bestfriend". Its sasaki.

To those who forget, this is sasaki.

Continue on the next chapter.

EDIT: some fan made a whole translation of this part. I found them here. Its hard work to translate them, applause パチパチ


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