Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi part 6 ( spoiler and thought )

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ANyway~ I did read the novel till the end though~ ^^ , here`s are the continuation.

Part 5

Alpha World:

The door was knocked hard, whoever thats knocking really need to learn their manners. But who could that possibly be? No one knows Im here....

But Kyon did have to keep on guessing, as the door later than sprung opened.

The sudden light from the sunset that shined made Kyon only able to recognize 3 shadows.

His eyes slowly adjusted and he was suprised to see who they are.

"If I look in a mirror right now, for sure that`d be my stupidest face ever. But that is completely unnecessary, because......." - kyon (p.137)

Beta World

Guided by Fujihara, Kyon was led to the clubroom.

When they arrived there, Fujihara started knocking the door loudly. And then, without waiting for any answer, he opened the door.

Inside, there was a boy and a girl, both wearing the Kitakou uniform.


"Urm?" A unison heard from both sides.

"What is this?" said Fujihara.

His face was in complete shock, "Where`s Kuyou? Who are you two? No, Who are you?" ( first he asked who both of them, then he rephrase the question into who is one of them. ( He already knew one of those two ) )

Kyon was shocked to hear that Fujihara was shocked. Wass this not part of the plan?

Kyon later realized that the clubroom was a bit weird, for he could see the sunset although this is supposed to be the trapped medium.

But all that started to felt like a small thing when he finally recognized the two faces standing in front of him.

Because, in front of him was....

Part 7

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