"My" iPad

Wow, i just finished watching the E3 conference for microsoft. Those are some good games there got there. Im going to put up some of the screenshot of the games next post. Now, Im going to talk about the iPad that Im using.

Firstly, the games.

Dont mind the folder name. This is the folder of the relaxing games. The game that I play not so seriously. Consists of mobs of angry birds ( which I got for free ). The best thing here probably would be scribblenauts and anomaly I think.

Next comes the board games. This folder however, contain the board and card games that I once enjoyed, moved on, but still going there back once awhile. Reiner Knizia games are great mostly. Got most of them on offer.

And then the cards. As much I enjoy MTG, Ascension is a great card game too. The deck variety isnt much though, thats why I moved on.

And next, comes the hi-profile games. Im just learnt to play Le havre like a week ago, and I can only take on 2 level 2 oppenents. Its a really great game, no wonder it got the best board game of the year award from somewhere.

And then, theres warhammer quest, uplink, caylus, stone age..... Im enjoying those games too. Most because Im influenced by the guys from pocket tactics and boardgamegeeks actually.

I havent yet to learn to play tigris, eclipse and frozen synapse, but the the UI, graphics, idea seem great and I cant wait until I got the time to learn to play them. That is, after I got tired of le havre. Which is not that soon Im guessing. Agricola comes next though.

And then well.... Others. Lol. CnO duels is great though. Ive managed to make quite a great deck. Cant wait for the next update.


You guys can check out whats free right now by clicking this LINK. They keep tracking on the limited time discount too, so check them often.

So thats how my iPad layout looklike. The safari is for main browsing, and the chrome is use for the incigneto mode. IYKWIM. The presenter is use for research meeting.


Gaming isnt all that I do with my iPad.

I enjoy reading light novels too. Btw, these are sword art online novels that is translated by bakatsuki. Reading with iPad is great actually. I dont use a proper reader to read it though.

And.... Watching simpson. :) will put on The Office after I finished watching these.


And btw, this is not my ipad actually. This is my labs'


Meaning i have to return it before I graduated. Thanks for cloud saving huh.


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