What is happenning to me ( Oct )

I got on the plane from Malaysia for my summer vacation on Saturday precisely on 8 pm. Guess what time I got here in my room in Nagaoka?

8pm Sunday... I have already skipped 3 days of classes ( and 1 pop exam which a sensei sesukehatije kate nak buat ) so takle la skip one more day rite~ Note to self, Jetlag is a formidable foe, level up like mad before trying to fight against it...

Oh, Selamat hari raya to all of you and Selamat hari jadi to Din ( 3 days passed already though )

What`s new.... Let me list them up....

  • It`s my 4th Sem here in Japan. more work, more experiments, more report, less sleep

  • GUNDAM 00 second season is here. Code Geass ended beautifully!!

  • My room is a mess with kuih raya. ok....Maybe my room is a mess is not a new thing, but having it filled wth Kuih Raya definitely is! ^_^""
Kuih raya and maggi

  • I am playing Everybody`s golf 2. good game

I even Got a hole in One ( though by pure luck... )

oh, I`ll tell you the tale of a beautiful world in my next post hopefully. till then~

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calvin said...

i don't mind at all if your room is messed with the kuih raya all year long xD