The Aftermath

Exam is over,

will be going to Korea in 2 days,

haven`t seen Iman and Haikal and Asyraf for a long time,

Plus, Koreas` things are cheap

Money will flow...

In other words, only 2 days left as 4th year in kousen.

Am going to miss the 5th years,

goodluck guys~


Really... Need... To... Study...For...Jyuuken...

Going to bring these to Korea; just in case.
On other note;

There`s a contest going on,

Take a picture


Before I forgot,
If you`re in Malaysia ( 30 minutes radius from my place )on 7hb March,
Give your address to me.
My sister is getting married.


Farah Hanim said...

gilo ke apo?
bawok pistol

Bal said...

Not familiar with gun control laws in Japan so I just have to ask,

Is that a real gun?

If it is, I waaaaant!

Unknown said...

a real bb gun, yes.