I have learnt, in this world, there is no such thing as a right answer. It came to me when I asked some friends of mine this question;

MJ's father has 5 daughters. The daughters' names are;


Can you guess what's the 5th daughter's name is?


I guess most of you have already heard this one already huh?. Anyway, what you think is the answer may or may not be the right answer. Just for the sake of those who didn't know; the straight answer is this;

The 5th daughter's name is MJ. ( Read the question properly )

Anyhow~ that doesn't mean the answer that you might have came up is wrong. I asked a few friends, and their reason for the answer "Nono" were quite interesting.Here are the reason for the answer Nono that can't be labeled as false.

Answer : Nono

Reasoning 1 : No matter how you think of it, MJ is adopted. There's a pattern there! Look at the pattern!

Reasoning 2 : Well.... MJ is short for Micheal Jackson right? That's a son, not a daughter.

Well... Seems stupid, but it got me thinking. Maybe in a subjective question, if you can come up with a good reason for your answer, that answer stood out. That's called; thinking outside the box.

What do you guys think? Can you think of a reason why the answer is Nono?


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Anonymous said...

no, because its a "no,no"