Boys idea of home decorating

Ok~~~ the first thing that probably came across your mind is " What the heck is that???".. Well, that`s an Ubi. In japanese it`s called a setsumaimo.

Anyway, that thing has been in the kitchen for days and like... " hey~ cam hebat je bende ni~ lawa giler~~ " huhuhuhu....

It`s not mine, but if it is I`d call it Setsuna E seiei or Secchan. :)) And then there will be a communication like these...

" Have you seen Secchan today? She is getting big~~ "

" Secchan look so beautiful today~ "

huhuhuhuh..... Well~~ what the meaning of this ridiculous post?

I`m just bored...... There are a lot of things to do, yet nothing to be done. Guess I will take an early dive to the bed tonight.

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