Sushi party~!

Tonight the first year student treated the whole fukui Malaysian student for a sushi dinner.

Not the all 100en one, its a sushi place call Atom sushi.

Everyone ate without worrying about the color of the plate.

The most expensive one is this, salmon ootoro. 600yen a plate. Really2 soft, its like youre eating cotton candy. This is the first time ive tasted it.

So like there 29 people, 5 tables and its like this per table. Btw this is how 15000yen worth of sushi looks like.

In the end, everything costed them for 71668 japanese yen, thats.... Errr, about rm 2500?

Thank you first year students. Hakim n nije kalo nak buku teks denki mintak la yer

- iphone