Too much of greatness!!!

Small update. Hent been updating for.... urm, god knows how long.

Its end of 2011, if you`re a gamer, you'll surely know why.



Batman arkhum city

Uncharted 3

Plus, my labmate lent me Tales of Xillia. Great game.

on PSP there are;

Weiss Schwarz

Final fantasy Zero Shiki.


Hve been out for quite a while but Ive been playing Devil Survivor 2


Plus, well, mainly Im busy with my final year project. Heck, Ive even got a presentation next week. I usually turn off my PC and only turn it on twice/thrice a week. Of course, that has been made possible with the lab`s MAC and Iphone.

2011 also is home for great anime.

Who didnt cried when watched Tenma disappeared? Who didnt surprise knowing that Himari or Shouma or even Kenchan are related? Who didnt awe when watched 2nd ( Second ) single handedly kill many many other Diary users? And who, dint got amazed when watching the beautiful FATE quality?

LOL, anyway~

Cant wait until next year for these two. Oh, K-ON movie is going to be out in about a month isnt it? Hayate`s movie is already out too.

Until next time.

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