Illumination in Fukui Daigaku

The place where Im studying is currentlt doing illumination around the campus.

Just when i went back from my lab, i decided to take a few pics around.

The pillar of lights.

Shiney~~~~~~ ( not to be mistaken with a certain korean music group )

A closer look. Simple yet creative.

A campfire? They put colored gel inside the bottle and put a spotlight below.

Light are put inline beside the library.

And some in the middle of the field.

Beside the library there the strangest mural....

Its alive~~~~!!

YouTube Video

Took the video of it. Dont know if it watchable.

Pillar of light from afar.

The trees got some tanglungs.

Again, colorful pillar of light.

All these pillar of light kinda reminded me of Dragon Quest: Dai adventure.

Anyway, its nothing much but the illumination thing will be on until wednesday. Check it out.

Finally, more cat pics~~~

Until next time.



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