Starting to post!

Welcome to my blog, I dunno what to do with this yet. Basically this Blog space will be the place where I would be spamming about...;

[anime] : The anime(s) that I watched, am watching, what`s hips, what`s not, etc.

[manga]: The manga(s) that I read, am reading, perhaps will be reading, etc.

[games]: Especially on the consoles that I have ( PSP, NDS, PS2, PC ), the games I am playing, anticipated games, etc.

[journal]:A little bit of my life here in Japan as an oversea student. p (^^) q

[self expression]: What I thought about something, current issues; that involves me, or that does not concern me but I think is really ridiculous everyone because everyone is talking about it, etc.

[TV series/movies]: Usually the one that can be leech ( ^_^") or good enough to be watched at a real cinema...... Mainly about the one that "leech"able.

[others]: Just putting this one just in case~ (>_<)

Or to put it in one simple term, I will be spamming~ Warn me if I go too far.

On a side note, I will be using grammatically hazardous English, perhaps some Nihon-go, and Bahasa, I don`t know, haven`t really decided yet.. Anyway, I`m new at this, please comments and give me some pointers~ よろしくお願いします~

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