The Game and Anime I have been playing

Havent update for a while now huh.


Dangan Ronpa is really good~~~

Spoiler though.
 I wished this girl wouldve live though.

Too bad. 
The First guy that died in the game. Sorry. The first guy to be accused as murder in the game.

Recently I have been addicted to sharing these pictures.
PEPSI and GUNDAM colab

Dragon ball. There are 8 versions. I currently have 6. Can you guys name the characters with just looking at the shirt? ;D

 Ive been busy with my sent japanese things to you service. This is one of them.

Im also busy with my part time jobs. Which explains why I didnt update the blog for a while. Sorry future me.

The Anime Im watching this season are....

Accel World
 Just started watching this recently actually. Havent watched it before because.... Sorry for this.... The main character isnt really appealing.

Although!! After watched it a few episodes, the story shines through. The virtual setting is great. Its ep 23 right now when Im writing this but Chue turning into dark side made me felt so NTRed. Why Chue, why~~~~???????

The light novel itself is still continuing, so I'd hope they make a second season for this story.

Sword Art Online

Taking place in a virtual world. Seems familiar to Accel World? It should be. They are from the same author. In fact SOA take place a few years before AW. The is even a drama CD called VERSUS where kirito and Silver Crow fought.

The story is so great that I cant wait for the next week that I picked up the light novel and read them.

Still..... Its great.


Im curious!!. No, this got nothing to do with Geass. I picked up this anime because KyoAni created it. Great story. Even greater drama CD etc.

Yuruyuri 2 


Currently out of game to play.

Waiting for Xillia 2 and Dishonored. Skipping Borderland 2 unless it is really really good. Skipped Mayonaka Arena too. Hated Fighting game. Will get iot if the price dropped to 3000yen for used game.

Recently finished Tales of Graces F. Great Game. Cant wait for Xillia.

Am currently playing Accel World on PSP.

Will make short FAQ or walkthrough if there are requests. Somebody asked me to do Nagato Phase just a few hours before through twitter. That..... Is..... Really long time ago.

Still try helping the dude though. Not by making a walkthrough, just helping the part where he got stuck.