Im back~~ [ Terminator style ]

Gone back to hometown malaysia for a month.

Riding MAS. The interior of the new flight is awesome~~~ ♪( ´▽`)

Its just my phone hasnt been unlocked so i has to use another phone OR i need to unlock my phone. Whichever easier.

Malaysia is different from Japan. As to be expected la.

It has been a while since i rode this. I felt like its too small, even my knee touched with the steering. Probably because ive gotten use to drive Celica in Japan.

The law too is quite different. Especially during taking turns.

Another note...

This chicken is really noisy

I can play with my nephew~~

And people love to go to the posy office.

Took me 2 hours.

Ok... So how do you change this into that.


Nevertheless im going to have a good time here, spending time with my family and friends, etc. Theres an iftar going on at my place afterwards so i need to help out.

Until the next post

- written by iphone ( probably will be editted by pc later )